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Exterior Window Repair and Replacement
2004 Mar Window Repair and Replacement

There is nothing more uncomfortable during a harsh Mid-Atlantic winter than having windows that are inoperable or that are so cracked, damaged and poorly sealed that the cold air just streams in unabated. Drafty windows mean energy …

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Exterior Advice for Fencing, Decking, and Siding
2004 Mar Advice for Fencing, Decking, and Siding

Nature's elements can take a toll on almost anything man-made, particularly exterior surfaces like fences, decks, and siding materials. Given the temperamental seasons here in the tri-state area, it's important to consider not just aesth…

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Exterior Up on the Rooftop
2004 Mar Up on the Rooftop

Everyone needs a good roof over their head. And when you run a condo or co-op community, you're responsible for dozens or perhaps hundreds of people having one. With so many people to please and the increased complexity of roofing an ent…

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