2018 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Maintaining Security in Your Association
2018 December Maintaining Security in Your Association

Whether it be a detached single-family house, or one unit among hundreds in a high-rise condominium, a home should be a safe haven: a place where you can seek refuge from the elements and all the other risks and cautions of the world. Given…

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Security Harassment Issues
2018 December Harassment Issues

People feel ‘harassed’ all the time – by crowded trains, loud noises, and even the weather. Co-op and condo residents often feel that their board, or even a neighbor, is ‘harassing’ them. But what qualifies as harassment in the legal sense?…

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Security Preparing Your Community for Emergencies
2018 December Preparing Your Community for Emergencies

Planning for a rainy day is pretty easy. Have an extra umbrella handy or a waterproof coat, and you’re probably fine. Planning for the rainiest day ever, on the other hand, is significantly more daunting. Especially if during that day there…

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Security Hygiene in Shared Amenities
2018 December Hygiene in Shared Amenities

One of the biggest perks of modern multifamily living is the all-inclusive, amenity-rich building or HOA. Depending on your own building’s offerings, you can go to the gym, swim, have a spa treatment, entertain your kids in the community pl…

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Management Hiring a New Super
2018 December Hiring a New Super

When everyday problems arise in a multifamily building or community association, residents frequently turn to their friendly neighborhood jack-of-all-trades: the superintendent (depending on where you live, you might call him or her your bu…

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Q&A Q&A: Out-of-Control Board
2018 December Q&A: Out-of-Control Board

Q. My HOA board has not had an election in 10 years. They keep reappointing themselves and appointing their friends to the board when there is a vacancy. Is this legal? How can I stop this abuse of power by my HOA?                       …

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Q&A Q&A: Noisy Neighbor
2018 December Q&A: Noisy Neighbor

Q.   I have written several complaint letters to the condo board and the managing agent regarding a noisy neighbor. They did send a letter to the owner about a year ago, but the problem persists. Although I continue to write letters, noth…

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Q&A Q&A: Who Owns the Floor?
2018 December Q&A: Who Owns the Floor?

Q.  I’ve lived in an upper-floor condo for 10 years; the building is 14 years old. The board is now making a rule that we can only have hard flooring in the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the laundry room. I cannot find in the master deed or …

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