2013 March
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The Sixth Annual Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo
2013 March The Sixth Annual Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

 Managing or sitting on the board of a condo, HOA or co-op is certainly not an  easy task. The position can be downright challenging. There are vendors to  hire, budgets to balance and complaints to field. How do you find the right  profes…

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Maintenance Keeping the Rain Off
2013 March Keeping the Rain Off

 After the four walls of a given structure, the roof is sometimes referred to as  the “fifth plane”—and just like the walls that hold it up, the roof is an all-important structure  that can make or break a building’s performance. New Jerse…

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Maintenance What Lies Beneath
2013 March What Lies Beneath

 They say a house is only as strong as its foundation. A bad roof or shoddy  plumbing can set your building back a lot of money, of course—but a foundation in disrepair can put the entire building structure at risk. It  can also cost tens …

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Maintenance Side by Siding
2013 March Side by Siding

 After years of wear and tear from the elements—or just the impact of a single catastrophic event like Superstorm Sandy this  past fall—the siding on the exterior of a condo, co-op or townhome can start to look a bit  under the weather.  …

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Maintenance Don't Neglect Essentials
2013 March Don't Neglect Essentials

 It's a common enough story: the condominium was relatively new, but from the  start its board of directors was stingy with maintenance and repair dollars.  Then the recession struck, and the percentage of unpaid maintenance fees  spiked. …

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Real Estate Trends Green by Committee
2013 March Green by Committee

 Green truly is the new black in the Garden State. As more and more condos and  HOAs look to save money as expenses rise, more and more boards and unit owners  are exploring ways to incorporate “greening” into their building community.   …

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Real Estate Trends Exterior Elements
2013 March Exterior Elements

 When you think of landscaping, you probably don’t think of a swanky Hoboken co-op, condo or HOA building. After all, landscaping  in the usual sense is typically reserved for suburban homes where there is  rolling turf, strategically plac…

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Maintenance Shoo!
2013 March Shoo!

 Picture it: you wake up early one fine weekend morning and put on your sneakers,  looking forward to a bracing run around your HOA's picturesque grounds. Maybe  you'll jog around the pond—the turf is nice and flat, and the well-manicured …

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Q&A Q&A: Dual Roles
2013 March Q&A: Dual Roles

Q In New Jersey, is it legal for board members to share responsibilities? For  example, can one be both the secretary and the treasurer? Is this something  that you wold recommend? As a small association, we always have difficulty  findin…

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Q&A Q&A: The Board Rules?
2013 March Q&A: The Board Rules?

Q As permitted by our condominium's bylaws, our board promulgated a proposed new  rule and regulation relating to the creation of a fund to be utilized to repair  our common elements. As it affected a common element, the board was require…

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