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The Sixth Annual Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

 Managing or sitting on the board of a condo, HOA or co-op is certainly not an  easy task. The position can be downright challenging. There are vendors to  hire, budgets to balance and complaints to field. How do you find the right  professional for each job that needs to be done? How do you keep the property  looking sharp when finances are tight? Where do you turn for answers—without breaking the bank on legal fees?  

 Fortunately for Garden State board members, managers and homeowners, the answers  to many of your condominium or HOA questions can be found in one place, on one  day, under one roof. Mark your calendars now for this not-to-missed event: The  6th annual Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo, held at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus on Wednesday,  May 1, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. The free event will showcase hundreds of  exhibitors from throughout the region, free professional advice booths, dozens  of prizes and giveaways, and a full slate of educational seminars.  

 Since its inception more than half-a-decade ago, the New Jersey Expo has  cemented its reputation as the must-attend event for the tri-state area’s property managers, board members, and unit owners. Anyone involved in the  day-to-day administration of an HOA, condo, or co-op will benefit from a visit  to the show—as will building owners, managers, and anyone considering joining their board,  or taking an active interest in how their building community s run.  

 Seminars, Seminars

 Good communication, organization, and information have always been crucial to  maintaining a thriving, successful community, and smart boards and building  managers know that in order to stay prosperous—or even just solvent—in today's tough market, one needs a strong set of related skills. The New  Jersey Cooperator's Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo offers attendees the opportunity to hone those skills, in one day  and under one roof, with a full slate of unique educational programming.  

 Every year, the Expo's full schedule of seminars attracts hundreds of attendees  throughout the day. These always-popular hour-long panel presentations  typically cover topics ranging from energy conservation to legal issues, board operations to effective property management, and the ins  and outs of telecommunications. Seminar presenters include professionals from  all corners of the industry, including attorneys, lending representatives,  accountants, managers, consultants, and more.  

 The current seminar lineup for 2013—with more to come—includes the legal team from the law firm of Stark & Stark offering informative instruction on how boards can prepare themselves for  pending litigation and representatives from Association Advisors, in the wake  of the devastation caused by Superstorm Sandy, will be presenting a seminar on  hurricane and emergency preparedness. Other seminars on legal, management and  financial issues are also on tap. Expo seminars nearly always attract  standing-room-only audiences, so be sure to arrive early and claim a spot in  the audience!  

 Professional Help

 Exhibitor booths and a full schedule of seminars may be the big draws to the  Expo, but there's so much more going on. In addition to networking and  education opportunities, the show's popular free advice booths will be  returning as well. If you have questions about your association’s finances, policies, or day-to-day management, you can stop by one of the  booths for answers from leading legal, management, maintenance and financial  professionals. You can get a penny for your thoughts, and it won't cost you a  dime!  

 Free Money

 No trade show would be complete without giveaways and raffles. Throughout the  day, random drawings will be held for a host of valuable door prizes donated by  Expo exhibitors and The New Jersey Cooperator.  

 And in addition to bringing home useful information and advice, you could be a  big winner in helping your association beef up its bottom line. The 2013 event  once again will feature the very popular New Jersey Cooperator’s Expo Reserve Fund drawing! One lucky board member will win a cool $2,500 for  their building or association’s reserve fund, courtesy of The New Jersey Cooperator and Yale Robbins Publications, LLC, the sponsor of the  Expo itself. The winner will be drawn at random after registration has closed,  and a check for the winnings will be made payable to the winner’s building, care of their management company. Only board members qualify to  enter the reserve fund drawing, and attendance at the Expo is required for  eligibility. For complete details on how to enter the reserve fund drawing,  visit the Expo website,  

 So stay tuned to The New Jersey Cooperator for updates and new additions to the  Expo’s exhibitor and seminar roster, and be sure to visit us at the Meadowlands Expo  Center in Secaucus on May 1st! For more information on who is exhibiting at the  show, to sign up as an exhibitor, or to register for this one-of-a-kind event,  go to