2013 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care/Expo

The Sixth Annual Condo, HOA, & Co-op Expo
2013 April The Sixth Annual Condo, HOA, & Co-op Expo

 With warm weather on the horizon, the time has come for the sixth annual Condo,  HOA & Co-op Expo sponsored by The New Jersey Cooperator.Everyone knows that managing or sitting on the board of a condo, HOA or co-op is  certainly not an ea…

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Landscaping Keeping the Grass Greener
2013 April Keeping the Grass Greener

 New Jersey is not exactly known for year-round sunshine and palm trees swaying  in the breeze. New Jerseyans as do many Northeast residents and most Americans,  have a love affair with lush green turf.    Keeping grass green in the…

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Landscaping Invasive Species
2013 April Invasive Species

 In March, federal and state agricultural officials trumpeted some good news to  New Jersey residents: The state is officially free of the Asian Longhorned  Beetle.    The declaration marked a victory against the invasive pest that …

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Landscaping The Irrigation Situation
2013 April The Irrigation Situation

 One of the first things both prospective residents and visitors to a condo or  HOA notice are the beautiful grounds and lush landscaping surrounding the  property. Of course, a key component in maintaining all that greenery is the  availa…

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Landscaping The Grand Design
2013 April The Grand Design

 Whether you live in a towering mid-block high-rise or a sprawling suburban  development, landscaping not only helps a co-op, condo or HOA increase and  retain property values, but has a positive impact on residents themselves—beautiful, f…

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Management Artful Dodger
2013 April Artful Dodger

 The signs “Post No Bills,” “Active Driveway” and “Alternate Side Parking” are all fairly common and relatively self-explanatory in urban settings. Other equally common signs we see in suburban communities throughout the U.S.  related to p…

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Finance Keeping the Books
2013 April Keeping the Books

 Accountants are a norm for most people around tax time. And then, post-tax  season, we rarely think about them. But for co-op and condo owners, this  shouldn’t be the case. It’s crucial that large associations hire an accountant to help w…

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Finance FHA/HUD Requirements Update
2013 April FHA/HUD Requirements Update

 Even in 2013, with the economy slowly recuperating and markets improving, the  words “housing crisis” still have the power to send shivers down the spines of homeowners who are  still feeling the effects of the collapse of the market in 2…

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Management From Truck to Transfer Station
2013 April From Truck to Transfer Station

 We've heard all the New Jersey jokes, and though we might be insulted, we've  probably told some ourselves. From Benjamin Franklin to George Carlin, New  Jersey has been the on the receiving end of such questions as, “Why does New Jersey …

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Management Back to School
2013 April Back to School

 With multifamily buildings, who is in charge of the property and how well those  people are trained are critically important factors in the successful operation  of the community. Board members are a part of this management class, which i…

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Design Splish-Splash
2013 April Splish-Splash

 Whether indoors or out, few design elements are as dramatic and arresting as a  waterfall, water wall, Koi pond, reflecting pool or statuesque fountain. These  water features add beauty and value to any New Jersey property or building,  w…

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Maintenance Laundry Room Basics
2013 April Laundry Room Basics

 Many co-op and condo buildings in New Jersey have a laundry room for residents  to use that is more than just an amenity; it’s practically a necessity. Many of the co-op/condo laundry rooms are maintained  by laundry contractors who servi…

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Neighborhoods High on Watchung
2013 April High on Watchung

 Nestled in the hilly Watchung Mountains in Central New Jersey, this tight knit  community of Watchung offers more amenities than you might think. In addition to parks (Mobus Field, Philips Field, Watchung Lake Park), valleys  and waterway…

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Q&A Q&A: Postponing the Annual Meeting
2013 April Q&A: Postponing the Annual Meeting

Q Our annual meeting keeps getting rescheduled for unknown reasons. It's now seven  months overdue. What can we do as residents? We want to be up to date with the  events and expenses of the community as well as hold our annual election. …

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Board Operations Write that Down!
2013 April Write that Down!

 On a given day, life is filled with so many things that you need to remember it’s almost impossible to retain it all. For example, can you remember the dates of  your car’s last oil changes or the mileage on your car? Or when you had your…

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