2012 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Make Connections at the 2012 Expo
2012 March Make Connections at the 2012 Expo

 As a condominium, co-op or HOA board member, you rely on a long list of service  professionals for work ranging from HVAC maintenance to parking lot sealing.  Finding the right person for the right job, though, can be a challenge.   …

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Maintenance Green Exteriors
2012 March Green Exteriors

More often than not, when boards or associations broach the issue of their buildings “going green,” images of bamboo flooring, hemp drapes, or solar panels on the roof suddenly spring to mind. The impression seems to be that in a condo,…

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Maintenance Deck it Out
2012 March Deck it Out

When you consider all the different components that a condo association has to deal with, decks are sort of like the Rodney Dangerfield of the list; they rarely get any respect. “Decks are definitely something that people don’…

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Maintenance Let There Be Light
2012 March Let There Be Light

 As recently as the 1930’s, only 68 percent of American homes had electricity. By the middle of the last  century however, most Americans enjoyed well-lighted homes, and the light had  started to spread outdoors as well. Initially, yards a…

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Maintenance Concrete Concerns
2012 March Concrete Concerns

In New Jersey, urban high-rises with sidewalk frontage and suburban HOAs containing walking paths, parking lots, and service roads are reliant on their paved surfaces and therefore need to regularly inspect and maintain their concrete.…

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Maintenance Think Spring
2012 March Think Spring

Snowfall can be beautiful in New Jersey, but a long, harsh winter can wreak havoc on a condominium community’s landscaping. As spring begins to peek around winter’s chilly corner, the snow melts away and uncovers the winter wear. From br…

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Management Papers, Please!
2012 March Papers, Please!

 Whether it is redesigning light fixtures in a common space or replacing a roof,  repair jobs and capital improvement projects are like death and taxes, they are  inevitable. Whereas a property manager most often handles the hiring of  con…

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Organizations A Concrete Solution in the Garden State
2012 March A Concrete Solution in the Garden State

 Concrete is the most prevalent building material in existence today, though most  people probably don’t notice how widely used the material is until it begins to break up in front of  their homes, or falls off of their buildings, roads an…

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Q&A Q&A: Water World?
2012 March Q&A: Water World?

Q I've had a long existing leak in my full bathroom since the owners above me have  moved in. It so happens that the owner's son runs a bath for as long as two  hours at a time, blasting the water full force. Over time, this has caused  d…

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