2012 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance Cash-Strapped?
2012 July Cash-Strapped?

 Money is a topic people are often skittish about discussing—especially when the discussion involves rising fees, or having to pay more money  for something. When you’re a board member or the property manager of a condo building or residen…

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Finance Pay Up!
2012 July Pay Up!

 In the tough economic environment of the past few years, many condo owners have  faced job losses, pay decreases or just financial uncertainty. Unfortunately,  this sometimes leads to owners not paying their common charges.    “Obv…

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Finance Understanding Finances
2012 July Understanding Finances

 For a crystal-clear picture of how an association is doing, there are few better  lenses than the community's budgets and financial reports. From an investment  perspective, they show the shareholders, managers, tenants, owners, and board…

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Real Estate Trends Amazing Amenities
2012 July Amazing Amenities

 New Jersey is known for having some of the very best urban opportunities in the  world—among the best colleges and schools, museums and libraries, as well as some of  the finest parks, the most interesting architecture, the most intriguin…

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Maintenance Caulk it Up!
2012 July Caulk it Up!

 Next to fire, perhaps nothing is more damaging to residential buildings and the  property of their occupants as leaks. Whether it’s a torrential deluge from the upstairs neighbor’s overflowing bathtub or a slow, seeping leak around the wi…

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Management Dealing with Commercial Relationships
2012 July Dealing with Commercial Relationships

In the typical suburban condo development, one must go to another location to shop— maybe to the mini-mall, or the big box store down the road. But in many of New Jersey’s urban high-rises, retail businesses and stores are often found o…

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Q&A Q&A: Paid Parking Problems
2012 July Q&A: Paid Parking Problems

Q I am a shareholder in a cooperative of 121 units and 152 parking spaces. My  question concerns the rightful use and maintenance of community property. Every  shareholder is entitled one parking space at a fee of $20 per month. The  addi…

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