2011 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance Money in the Bank
2011 July Money in the Bank

 Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of the recent recession was the sudden  evaporation of credit from major banks and lending institutions. The logic  behind it was understandable: too much easy credit had led, in part, to the  col…

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Finance Planning for the Worst
2011 July Planning for the Worst

 Tsunamis, earthquakes, tornadoes—these are just a few of the devastating disasters that have made headlines  already in 2011 and created emergency situations that many never thought  possible.    As the past year’s calamitous snows…

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Finance Shopping Smart
2011 July Shopping Smart

 The day-to-day costs of running a multifamily residential building are  significant. There’s the fuel oil, electric, cleaning supplies, equipment maintenance and service  calls for repair and upkeep. Then there are the insurance costs, la…

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Finance The Impact of Arrears
2011 July The Impact of Arrears

 As the recent recession has lingered on, co-ops and condo associations across  the region—from luxurious waterfront high-rises to sprawling suburban developments—have found more of their residents in arrears with their monthly fees. Some …

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Finance Getting Your Fair Share
2011 July Getting Your Fair Share

 We all want to get what we pay for—and nobody wants to pay for goods or services they don't actually receive. This  is especially true of homeowners associations when it comes to big-ticket  municipal services like snow and garbage remova…

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Management Managing Your Most Valuable Asset:
2011 July Managing Your Most Valuable Asset:

 Owners of condominiums and cooperatives in urban areas of New Jersey like  Hoboken or Jersey City with parking garages in or adjacent to their building  are blessed in so many ways. The ability to drive right up to your front door  provid…

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Finance Good Board, Bad Board
2011 July Good Board, Bad Board

 It doesn’t matter if you are managing a towering high-rise or a sprawling suburban  association, co-op and condo boards usually have their fair share of problems  to be solved and emergencies to be defused. Talk to enough people who have …

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Q&A Q&A: A Board-less Board
2011 July Q&A: A Board-less Board

Q We are a small 24-unit condo complex. Nobody wants to serve on the board and the  same people have to keep serving over and over again just to keep things  running. What happens if no one wants to serve and there is no board?    …

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Q&A Q&A: Trying to Getting Something Done
2011 July Q&A: Trying to Getting Something Done

Q I have been frustrated by my condo board's inaction on my requests. They requested an engineer’s report on my renovation, and I have submitted it to them as well as their engineer for review...but can't get them to sign off on it. …

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