2011 January
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management Come Prepared to Learn!
2011 January Come Prepared to Learn!

 With the New Year under way, The New Jersey Cooperator’s 2011 Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo is quietly taking shape as this spring’s must-attend event for the Garden State’s property managers, board members and unit owners.    Held at th…

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Management Hitting the Books
2011 January Hitting the Books

These are hardly the best of times for those who manage condo and homeowner association buildings, charged as they are with overseeing financial well-being, maintenance goals, legal issues and an almost unpredictable kaleidoscope of ot…

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Management Negotiating Management Contracts
2011 January Negotiating Management Contracts

Drawing up a contract for management services looks at first glance like a simple task. Such contracts usually follow a particular format and outline services for condos, townhomes and co-ops regardless of size. But what about contract…

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Management Managing in the Economic Downturn
2011 January Managing in the Economic Downturn

Job losses. Bankruptcies. Foreclosures. These are tough times for everyone, but when homeowners fall on hard times, they are often late paying condo, townhome or co-op fees. Some can’t even afford to pay them at all. Add in to…

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Management Extra! Extra! Read All About It!
2011 January Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Most buildings have emergency preparedness plans in case of fires, floods, or hurricanes. But there’s one form of crisis that very few have an organized response for: the public relations disaster. It could come in the form of a scandal…

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Management Keeping In Touch
2011 January Keeping In Touch

As recently as five years ago, traditional phone logs and Rolodexes were a common part of a property manager's daily communications arsenal. Yet, with recent advances in property management software, such anachronistic methods are larg…

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Management Stinkbug Invasion
2011 January Stinkbug Invasion

The harshness of winter can be challenging for all of us, but for cold-blooded insects, it's downright brutal. Yet every spring when temperatures rise, insects are once again crawling and buzzing around as though winter never happened.…

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Management Q&A: Delinquent Dues Member
2011 January Q&A: Delinquent Dues Member

Q Our condo association, which is private, has a situation that seems to be going nowhere. One of the units in the association has been for sale for over 2 years and the owner has not paid their HOA dues in 3 plus years. We as the bo…

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Management Q&A: Board Rule Changer
2011 January Q&A: Board Rule Changer

Q I am on our condo board. We have a problem with a previous condo board member who maintains that any rules (not bylaw changes) must be enforced by subsequent boards and can never be adjusted or changed. When she left the board the las…

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