2010 October
Focus on... Association Operations

Board Operations Put it in Writing
2010 October Put it in Writing

The sitting president of a Connecticut condo board recently approached the property manager with a proposition: If he saw to it that her contractor boyfriend was awarded certain jobs in the building, the property manager would receive …

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Board Operations "Everybody Out!"
2010 October "Everybody Out!"

That being said, there are times when information can and should be more tightly controlled, and when non-board shareholders actually don't have the legal right to certain information. Knowing when to include and when to exclud…

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Board Operations Tough Calls
2010 October Tough Calls

Board members find themselves acting as referees so often, some may feel like they're wearing black-and-white striped shirts. Maybe they're mired in the middle of a conflict between homeowners because one group of gardening enthusiasts…

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Board Operations Emergency Plans
2010 October Emergency Plans

While calamities like fires, floods, and tornadoes can happen almost anywhere and impact anybody, thankfully most condo and HOA residents will never have to deal with such a major emergency. That doesn't mean that boards, managers, sta…

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Board Operations Diverse By Design
2010 October Diverse By Design

 When Mohammed Hameeduddin was elected Mayor of Teaneck last July, he became the  first Muslim mayor in Bergen County history. He won that seat by edging out  Deputy Mayor Lizette Parker, who had hoped to make similar history by becoming  …

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Board Operations Forget the Woods
2010 October Forget the Woods

New Jerseyans have the most of everything. The highest population density, the densest system of highways and railroads, the most major shopping malls in a 25-mile radius, the most TV reality shows, and even the highest concentration o…

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Q&A: Reserve Fund Limits?
2010 October Q&A: Reserve Fund Limits?

Q Is there an upper limit to how much money can be accumulated in the reserve account to avoid income taxes? ­ —Financially Inquisitive A “The quick answer is no,” says Annette Murray, a CPA with accounting fir…

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Q&A Q&A: What to Do About a Law-Breaking Board?
2010 October Q&A: What to Do About a Law-Breaking Board?

Q We have a condo board which allegedly ignores, breaks, and applies bylaws inconsistently. They also make up bylaws, have not monitored our insurance policies for at least two years and have not taken action on a couple of safety i…

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