2010 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation A Burning Issue
2010 June A Burning Issue

The late 1990s saw a surge of nationwide smoking restrictions put into effect. With varying amounts of resistance and controversy, workplaces, shops, theaters, restaurants and bars in a growing number of states—including New Jersey—all …

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Law & Legislation 2010 Legislative Update from Trenton
2010 June 2010 Legislative Update from Trenton

In today’s economic climate, budget woes abound and pretty much dominate the legislative landscape in New Jersey and elsewhere. With Republican Governor Chris Christie trying to stem the tide of a monumental $10.7 billion budget deficit…

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Law & Legislation Your Condo's Attorney
2010 June Your Condo's Attorney

Whether large or small, a community association’s list of essential professionals includes its property manager, an accountant, and a lawyer. While it’s generally understood how to employ the first two—call the accountant when …

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Law & Legislation Go Ahead, Sue Me!
2010 June Go Ahead, Sue Me!

 Lawsuits are an unfortunate, expensive fact of life these days—chances are that at some point in your lifetime you’ll be involved in one to at least some degree. In you live in a condo or HOA,  legal issues arise all the time. Sometimes i…

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Law & Legislation Summer Security
2010 June Summer Security

 This summer, even with the lingering recession squashing some folks’ plans for elaborate, far-flung vacations, plenty of HOA residents will still  pack up for a few days to hit the shore, or perhaps go visit relatives in  nearby states. …

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Law & Legislation Raising the Bar
2010 June Raising the Bar

 On May 20, Richard H. Steen became the 112th president of the New Jersey State  Bar Association (NJSBA), continuing the tradition that began in June of 1899,  when the NJSBA was launched in Atlantic City by 74 attorneys from around the  s…

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Law & Legislation Homeowners Beware of the Swarm
2010 June Homeowners Beware of the Swarm

 It would be tough to understate the havoc caused by subterranean termites—each year, the destructive feeders cause some $5 billion to structures in the  U.S. That's more damage to homes than storms, fires, and earthquakes combined.  Fifty…

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Q&A Q&A: Dues Going Up?
2010 June Q&A: Dues Going Up?

Q Recently our association dues went from $166 to $275, and the main reason we were given was that the last board was "corrupt" and money wasn't being allocated correctly. Another reason we were given was that others in the complex …

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Q&A Q&A: Giving Power to Dear Old Dad?
2010 June Q&A: Giving Power to Dear Old Dad?

Q We have a small condominium complex of 25 townhouses. One home is owned by the son of the resident. The son does not live in the home. He has given his father a note allowing him to act on his behalf, as owner of the property. Does…

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Q&A Q&A: Presidential Proxies
2010 June Q&A: Presidential Proxies

Q Our annual board elections are coming up in our condo. The current president has mailed proxies to owners indicating he would vote on their behalf and included information that stated "the proxy-holder will cast votes as he/she de…

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Q&A Q&A: Non-Shareholders on the Board?
2010 June Q&A: Non-Shareholders on the Board?

Q A resident, married to a shareholder, wants to run for the board. She is not on the purchase agreement. Can she legally become a member of the board if she is not a legal owner of shares in the co-op? --Not Above Board …

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