2010 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

Landscaping Landscaping Harmony
2010 April Landscaping Harmony

For as long as humans have been planting patches of grass around their homes, the most common method of maintaining a landscape has typically been: “mow, apply a generous and regular supply of man-made fertilizers and pesticides to prev…

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Landscaping Harvesting H2O
2010 April Harvesting H2O

A few generations ago, if you didn't have a well—and sometimes even if you did—your home had a rain barrel outside. It was a free, low-maintenance way to collect fresh water for cooking, cleaning, and other household needs. Tim…

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Landscaping Special TREE-tment
2010 April Special TREE-tment

The trees that grace the outdoor spaces of most New Jersey HOAs provide more than just shade. Besides being integral parts of the landscape design, they enhance the community's overall aesthetic, which in turn increases value. Keeping …

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Landscaping Livening Up Your Landscape
2010 April Livening Up Your Landscape

Few capital improvements bolster property values as effectively as landscaping upgrades. Real estate professionals from across the industry agree that attractive, well-tended lawns, trees, shrubs, and plantings encourage sales and shor…

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Landscaping Pool Prep
2010 April Pool Prep

Swimming facilities are one of the most desirable amenities an HOA can have. They're great for socializing, getting exercise, and surviving the summer heat, but there's a lot of maintenance, upkeep, and outright science to keeping even …

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Landscaping In Season
2010 April In Season

While the work of an association manager or superintendent is never truly done, there are certain times of the year when things get even busier, with various details that require specific attention (i.e., more work!) The arrival of spr…

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Landscaping Your Great Outdoors
2010 April Your Great Outdoors

 As today’s cash-strapped homeowners forego vacations in favor of sticking closer to home  (the so-called "staycation") the idea of creating a relaxing, secluded getaway  outside their back door is gaining popularity. Even in a spacious HO…

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Landscaping Law of the Jungle and Liability
2010 April Law of the Jungle and Liability

 According to a study released in January of this year by the Kaiser Family  Foundation, kids today are plugged in. Aside from the time they spend in class  at school and asleep in bed, children between the ages of eight and 18 spend  more…

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Landscaping The Manager's Guide to Planting Basics
2010 April The Manager's Guide to Planting Basics

How many times has a property manager been asked “What is it that you do, exactly?” The answer is really simple—a property manager wears all the hats required to administer an account and keep a property in tip-top shape. As daunting as …

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Landscaping Turn out the Lights
2010 April Turn out the Lights

A few decades ago, the only talk of bed bugs was when moms were tucking in their kids and telling them to sleep tight.Entomologists had no reason to study them and bedbug complaints to pest control companies were unheard of. During the …

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Q&A Q&A: Dealing with a Domineering Board
2010 April Q&A: Dealing with a Domineering Board

Q It has recently come to our attention, not through the board as yet, that our president and board of directors allowed a telecommunications company to come into the building and drill holes to install fiber optic TV service withou…

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Q&A Q&A: Voting Rules on Boards
2010 April Q&A: Voting Rules on Boards

Q Can you please direct me to New Jersey regulations regarding voting procedures for HOA boards? Our bylaws state that board elections must be conducted by secret ballot. In a recent election, one candidate ran with a platform plank…

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