2009 Nov
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Keep Your Balconies Safe & Attractive
2009 Nov Keep Your Balconies Safe & Attractive

 Ever since Romeo and Juliet made them famous, balconies have been popular  additions to our homes and living spaces. For condominium and HOA communities,  balconies can add visual zest, as well as a few more feet of living space that  all…

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Maintenance New Materials, New Possibilities
2009 Nov New Materials, New Possibilities

There may be a distinct charm to weathered clapboard and rustic-looking wooden siding, but from a practical perspective, that pleasing patina is really the sign of decay and deterioration. For an HOA board, it’s also the sign of major e…

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Maintenance Send Those Canada Geese Packing!
2009 Nov Send Those Canada Geese Packing!

 They eat a lot and cause a mess. They overstay their welcome and can become  aggressive when challenged. No, they’re not your no-account relatives—they’re resident Canada geese.    These 12- to 15-pound birds were once migratory an…

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Maintenance Proper Analysis & Repairs Save Money
2009 Nov Proper Analysis & Repairs Save Money

Many New Jersey HOAs were originally built with grading and drainage that for the most part pitched away from buildings, toward a roadway, rear lawn area swale, or sheet flow drainage area, ultimately collecting in a storm water retent…

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Q&A Q&A: Noisy Children
2009 Nov Q&A: Noisy Children

Q I have been a shareholder and board member in my building for the past 20 years. A year ago, a new shareholder with two small children moved in above me, and since then noise has been a constant, serious problem as the kids’ room i…

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Q&A Q&A: Protest for Privacy
2009 Nov Q&A: Protest for Privacy

Q “I am all for security in residential buildings, but it raises the issue of privacy. Our condo has about 40 apartments—half of which are condos, while the other half are rent-controlled apartments. The board just recently put camer…

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