2009 March
Focus on... Exterior Maintenance

Maintenance Running a Water-tight Ship
2009 March Running a Water-tight Ship

When condo-dwellers think “catastrophe,” it’s usually something dramatic, like a fire or huge storm laying waste to their HOA. There’s another, far more insidious enemy of urban and suburban condo buildings, however: H2O. Water damage m…

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Maintenance Fighting Grime Over Time
2009 March Fighting Grime Over Time

New Jersey’s condo communities and homeowner associations might vary in their architectural styles, but over time every exterior—from suburban vinyl siding to turn-of-the-century urban brick—experiences exterior wear due to the elements …

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Maintenance Stopping the Usual Suspects
2009 March Stopping the Usual Suspects

Years ago, when I babysat for a young boy, I watched him create a multi-story building out of empty cardboard boxes. The lad then ran around his proud creation, flexing his muscles and crowing, “My house is indy-structible!” (He then pr…

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Maintenance New Pool Safety Mandate In Effect
2009 March New Pool Safety Mandate In Effect

It sounds like an urban legend—something that supposedly happened to your cousin’s friend’s cousin. A little girl was at a barbecue party at a friend’s house, frolicking in the pool with friends. She swam to the drain at the bottom of th…

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Maintenance The View is Not Always the Same
2009 March The View is Not Always the Same

Like a chain, a building envelope is only as strong as its weakest link. Boards and managers often spend a lot of time and effort maintaining exterior elements like drainage, flashing, and so forth, only to neglect one of the most impo…

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Maintenance Generating Extra Revenue Streams
2009 March Generating Extra Revenue Streams

 In this day and age of rising costs and uncertain economic climate, co-op and  condo administrators have their work cut out for them when it comes to finding  new ways to raise funds without drastically reducing services, raising  mainten…

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Maintenance Know Your Reserve Fund
2009 March Know Your Reserve Fund

 What if your building’s boiler breaks down, or a hailstorm necessitates major emergency roof repairs  for your association? Of course the first question that arises in these  situations is whether your HOA’s reserve fund is adequate to co…

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Maintenance Getting Ready for the Big Cleanup
2009 March Getting Ready for the Big Cleanup

 The first robin appears. The sun stays out a little longer in the evenings, the  tiniest nubs of crocus begin to break through the mud, and landscape crews  begin mucking out flowerbeds. Just as sure as turning the calendar page to  March…

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Q&A Q&A: Recording Lien in Adjudicated Matter?
2009 March Q&A: Recording Lien in Adjudicated Matter?

Q Can a homeowner association record a lien against a home in an HOA, when the  matter (cause and amount of indebtedness) has been adjudicated in District  Court in favor of the HOA homeowner and has been appealed by the association? …

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