2009 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation Who Rules the Roost?
2009 June Who Rules the Roost?

 Most of the time, condo and HOA residents live in harmony with (or in relative  ignorance of) their association’s rules and regulations. It’s not until conflict arises that people begin to examine and familiarize  themselves with the laws…

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Law & Legislation Checking Credentials, Covering Bases
2009 June Checking Credentials, Covering Bases

 Those who handle the management of any kind of residential building deal with  contractors and contracts regularly—but they aren’t the only ones who should know about the process. It’s not necessarily an arcane topic—whether the project i…

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Law & Legislation New Jersey is Getting on Board
2009 June New Jersey is Getting on Board

 The state of New Jersey licenses or certifies practitioners of a wide range of  professions, from doctors and plumbers to beauticians and irrigation  contractors. Is the management of community associations a profession that  requires lic…

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Law & Legislation Celebrating a Community's Revival
2009 June Celebrating a Community's Revival

 If you’re looking for a parable for the indomitable spirit of America, the story of Red  Bank fits the bill. This now thriving New Jersey borough has a rich—but not always rosy—past.    Before the Red Bank International Film Festiv…

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Q&A Q&A: What is Super's Compensation
2009 June Q&A: What is Super's Compensation

Q My question concerns the various forms of compensation our building’s super receives and the shareholders’ right to know the exact sum of his monthly income, as an exact cost to the building. Our super has a fixed salary, which is disc…

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Q&A Q&A: Building Owner Incarcerated for Mortgage Fraud
2009 June Q&A: Building Owner Incarcerated for Mortgage Fraud

Q I live in a 28-building garden apartment complex with 56 units per building—some of which are rent stabilized, others of which were sold as condos. The owner of the complex is now in jail in connection with his company’s fraudulent …

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