2009 July
Focus on... Community Budget & Finance

Finance Evaluating Your Manager's Performance
2009 July Evaluating Your Manager's Performance

 As recent events in the financial and insurance sectors of our economy have  painfully demonstrated, oversight and accountability are vital components in  any healthy business relationship -- and that holds true whether you’re talking abo…

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Finance Warm Weather Considerations for Managers
2009 July Warm Weather Considerations for Managers

 Ah, summertime. It’s a great time for property managers to kick back and relax -- except for that  out-of-control grill fire on the deck of unit 31 that nearly spread to adjacent  units; that ornery 13-year-old who broke his finger during…

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Finance Diverse Community with a Small-Town Feel
2009 July Diverse Community with a Small-Town Feel

Lakewood Township is a diverse community with a rich history, a growing population, and a wide array of attractions and amenities. Located in Ocean County, the township's accessibility to major urban centers has attracted residents who…

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Finance New Rules for Co-ops and Condos
2009 July New Rules for Co-ops and Condos

 In the last two years, Fannie Mae has amended it guidelines for selling and  serving mortgages on condominiums, cooperatives, and planned unit developments  three times. Why should service providers, cooperative corporations and community…

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Q&A Q&A: Board Members as Real Estate Agents?
2009 July Q&A: Board Members as Real Estate Agents?

Q My question concerns board members who are also real estate agents. How common is this? What must other board members watch out for to ensure that the board member/real estate agent doesn't cross the line and have a conflict of in…

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Q&A Q&A: Developer Witholding Information
2009 July Q&A: Developer Witholding Information

Q About 25 of the single-family homes in our 55+ community, purchased within the past three years, back up to a two-lane public road on the perimeter of the community. When owners purchased their residences, the land across that road…

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Q&A Q&A: Non-Payment for Amenities
2009 July Q&A: Non-Payment for Amenities

Q “We have an owner in our condominium association who is several months behind in his fees. He currently has a tenant in his unit. The association pays the bill for his water, sewage, pool and other amenities. Do we as an associatio…

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