2007 July
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance Mortgage Products
2007 July Mortgage Products

Although New Jersey housing cooperatives may be rare compared to the numbers of co-ops in New York City, suburban co-ops face the same types of issues as their big-city neighbors. One of the primary concerns of nearly all co-ops is the b…

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Finance Catching Financial Irregularities
2007 July Catching Financial Irregularities

Instances of out-and-out fraud are rare in the world of condos and homeowners associations, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't look out for them and know how to spot signs of trouble. Consider this—most board members are volunteers…

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Finance It's Budget Time
2007 July It's Budget Time

Money matters are important to any homeowner, putting much pressure on those board members in charge of creating a budget—no easy task. Within a budget, condo boards and associations must try to predict expenses for the upcoming year, in…

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Finance Surviving Tough Financial Times
2007 July Surviving Tough Financial Times

Almost everyone, whether they're financially successful or not, knows what it's like to feel the pinch of financial insecurity at one time or another—those moments when an unexpected expense looms on the horizon like a storm, or the real…

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Finance Look Out for Predatory Lending
2007 July Look Out for Predatory Lending

Cons and hustles are as old as civilization itself. For as long as there have been goods and currency to collect and divide, there have been unscrupulous individuals who are ready to relieve the unwary consumer of their holdings. Banking to…

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Finance Budgeting for New Jersey's Citizens
2007 July Budgeting for New Jersey's Citizens

For the first time since Fiscal Year (FY) 2001, New Jersey's state budget does not rely on tax or fee increases. Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed a $33.47 billion state budget for FY 2008 that is committed to no new taxes, substantial tax reli…

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Finance Collecting 'Arrears' its Ugly Head
2007 July Collecting 'Arrears' its Ugly Head

Monthly charges, including common charges, emergency repairs, special assessments, maintenance fees, dues and so forth, are a big part of owning a condominium in New Jersey. When an owner is late, or misses monthly payments entirely…

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Neighborhoods Bergen County's Parkland
2007 July Bergen County's Parkland

While some people may only know the town of Mahwah because of a glancing mention in the Bruce Springsteen song "Johnny 99," the city has had a long and distinguished history. Some know it for its parklands, some for the historic For…

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Maintenance Managing Laundry Contracts
2007 July Managing Laundry Contracts

Having a well-lit, well-maintained laundry room in one's building is a definite plus. Residents don't have to traipse out to the overcrowded Laundromat in the dead of winter or in the pouring rain to spend hours waiting for machines when…

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Q&A Q&A: Unethical Conflict of Interest?
2007 July Q&A: Unethical Conflict of Interest?

Q I’m a board member of my condo. We have one member of the board who is a real estate broker. He brought an issue to our attention. Our condo is an owner of a very small piece of land that is adjacent to another building near ours. The…

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Q&A Q&A: Hallway Personals
2007 July Q&A: Hallway Personals

Q Certain owners in our building keep some personal belongings (i.e. bikes, baby strollers, skates) in the hallways next to their apartments. Sometimes we have to squeeze by their hallway clutter to get to our own units. Is there any l…

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Q&A Q&A: Boyfriend Move-In
2007 July Q&A: Boyfriend Move-In

Q I have lived in a condo for the past three years. I am planning on having my boyfriend move in with me in a few months. Are there any rules or regulations that will prevent that from happening within my condo? —Sublettor i…

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Q&A Q&A: Fencing
2007 July Q&A: Fencing

Q Can an owner of a condominium/villa erect a fence 12 feet out onto the common area when the bylaws state only five feet is the responsibility of the owner? Can board members sign an agreement going against the bylaws? Also, the presi…

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