2007 Jan
Focus on... Management/Association Relations

Board Operations Adventures in Management
2007 Jan Adventures in Management

The incident started out ordinarily enough—a property manager had to tow an improperly parked vehicle from his association's grounds. The tow truck driver pulled up to the car and began to chain it up, but before he could complete the job, …

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Management Figuring Management Fees
2007 Jan Figuring Management Fees

When you buy a used car, you don't just walk into a dealership without doing any research beforehand. You don't just plunk your hard-earned cash down on the counter, tell the salesperson, "Give me that one," and then drive away with no ques…

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Management Tips for Seamless Management Transition
2007 Jan Tips for Seamless Management Transition

Your property management company is the custodian of your development. It is the job of your managing agent to handle your HOA's finances, keep track of contractors and vendors, and pay bills. But what happens if the company you hired to do…

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Management A Day in the Life of a Manager
2007 Jan A Day in the Life of a Manager

Whether you live in an active adult community, a gated, resort-style neighborhood, or a downtown high-rise condo, your community needs someone to coordinate the financial, physical, and mechanical upkeep of your property. Your managing agen…

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Management Licensing for Professionals
2007 Jan Licensing for Professionals

When it comes to dealing with the myriad professionals who help make a co-op or condo association run smoothly, licensing can be a significant umbrella protecting board members and residents alike from potential problems. Choosing a lice…

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Management Managing Alterations and Renovations
2007 Jan Managing Alterations and Renovations

Let's say the guy down the street is a sucker for all things medieval. On weekends, he dresses up in armor and whacks other armored men with clubs. Sometimes he even jousts. You get the idea. Now let's say this same fellow wants his…

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Real Estate Trends Women Professionals in Real Estate
2007 Jan Women Professionals in Real Estate

Although New Jersey real estate has long been viewed as a male-dominated world, it's no longer just a boys-only club. Many women have carved their own paths to success in the industry, rising through the ranks as property managers, accounta…

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Neighborhoods A Look at Monroe Township
2007 Jan A Look at Monroe Township

Kermit the Frog thought he had it right when he sang, "It's not easy being green," but in Monroe Township, it's not only easy being green—it's their priority to keep as much green in their community as possible. As the largest commu…

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