2006 Jul
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Finance Raising Maintenance Fees
2006 Jul Raising Maintenance Fees

They say the only two inevitable things in life are death and taxes. Well, for condo and co-op owners you can add a third—maintenance fees. As long as roofs are going to have to be repaired, snow is going to have to be plowed, and g…

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Finance Making Association Budgets Work for You
2006 Jul Making Association Budgets Work for You

Just as no household can function without a good, sound budget, neither can a homeowner's association. Creating and maintaining a budget that can guide a condo community through an entire year's worth of finances is one of the most impor…

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Finance Borrowing Smart
2006 Jul Borrowing Smart

Sue Stevens became president of her Arlington, Texas homeowners association in 2003, one of her first orders of duty was solving a vital security issue to the residents—how to protect their homes, which were highly visible from several m…

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Finance How Much Co-op or Condo Can You Afford?
2006 Jul How Much Co-op or Condo Can You Afford?

Prices of most co-ops and condominiums in the New York metropolitan area—which nowadays extends as far west as eastern Pennsylvania and as far south as the lower Jersey shore—have reached stratospheric proportions. In once-blighted urban…

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Board Operations Owners' Rights/Financial Disclosure
2006 Jul Owners' Rights/Financial Disclosure

When a new unit owner moves into a condo development, he or she usually receives a welcome packet that contains all the governing documents, such as the declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions, the bylaws and the house rule…

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Neighborhoods An Overview of Union City
2006 Jul An Overview of Union City

As its population reaches 67,000, Hudson County's township of Union City is fast becoming an attractive alternative for those who work and play in Manhattan. Bordered on the south by Jersey City, on the north by West New York, on th…

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Finance Board Financial Planning
2006 Jul Board Financial Planning

There are times when even prudence, foresight and good planning, cannot prevent significant and unforeseen challenges, and circumstances occur which are beyond a board's control. This article identifies some of these situations, and prov…

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Organizations The New Jersey Society of CPAs
2006 Jul The New Jersey Society of CPAs

Professional development, legislative outreach, educational and volunteer services are some of the hallmarks of an organization that is one of the oldest state societies in the nation. The New Jersey Society of Certified Public Acco…

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