2006 Dec
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Preventing Crime in Your HOA
2006 Dec Preventing Crime in Your HOA

Even with crime rates decreasing and cities improving their safety profiles, crime and public safety are still issues we all must deal with in both urban and suburban environments. One of the worst things a board/management team can do i…

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Security Hiring Security for Your HOA
2006 Dec Hiring Security for Your HOA

Different HOAs take varying approaches to securing their properties—some rely entirely on video surveillance, some utilize intercom systems and leave it at that, and others want a living, breathing security personnel to patrol and guard …

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Security Addressing the Question of Subletting
2006 Dec Addressing the Question of Subletting

For many New Jersey co-op shareholders and condo unit owners, the question of subletting their apartment can be one of simple convenience, or major necessity. Perhaps they've been given an extended out-of-town work assignment and need so…

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Security Security in High-rises and HOAs
2006 Dec Security in High-rises and HOAs

Security and safety are among the most important concerns of condos, co-ops and HOAs today. Even though crime is down everywhere, 9/11 has heightened security concerns in general. But how do security concerns differ between a typical s…

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Board Operations Winter Worries
2006 Dec Winter Worries

Homeowners association and co-op/condo buildings have their work cut out for them when winter arrives; residents may slip and fall on icy sidewalks, roofs can leak, and recreational amenities need looking after. Some of these things can …

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Organizations A Look Inside the NCPC
2006 Dec A Look Inside the NCPC

Is your block safe? What about the area surrounding your neighborhood's schools? Crime may be down overall, but regular reports of violent crime in schools have many community members increasingly concerned about neighborhood and school …

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Neighborhoods Visiting Cherry Hill
2006 Dec Visiting Cherry Hill

Every year, Money Magazine releases its extremely popular list of the top 100 places to live in the United States. This year, Cherry Hill, New Jersey made the list at number 47. Of course Bernie Platt, mayor of the 24 square-mile townshi…

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Communications Telecommunication Options for HOAs
2006 Dec Telecommunication Options for HOAs

Not so long ago, when people wanted to communicate or do business with each other, doing so usually involved a piece of paper and a pen, or the use of a land-line telephone plugged into a wall. Today of course, it's a whole new ballgame.…

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