2005 Sep
Focus on... Energy Conservation

Management A Look at Access Management
2005 Sep A Look at Access Management

Sixteen years ago, Wayde Scheffer was a vice-president with United National Bank in Califon, New Jersey. He was also president of his condo association board, and he wasn't particularly impressed with the parade of management companies t…

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Energy Conservation Winterizing HOA Building Systems
2005 Sep Winterizing HOA Building Systems

Winterizing a condo or co-op is important every year, but with energy prices soaring, it's going to be especially important to keep your buildings protected from the elements—and your equipment running at its best—as the cold months appr…

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Energy Conservation Eco-Friendly Pest Control
2005 Sep Eco-Friendly Pest Control

Jena Ball couldn't sleep—the noise was deafening and keeping her awake night after night. The racket wasn't coming from the next door neighbors, but instead was emanating from inside her condo wall. "It was bizarre," says Ball. But …

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Energy Conservation Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
2005 Sep Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In our highly disposable society, how people and communities deal with their trash is of vital importance to both individuals and their communities as a whole. The tri-state area produces a staggering amount of garbage every day, and rec…

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Board Operations Listening to Residents Helps Everyone
2005 Sep Listening to Residents Helps Everyone

When it comes to questions of home and hearth, even the best of friends may argue. So it should come as no shock when co-op and condo associations, boards and residents fall into disagreements. It's what's done to settle or hopefully pre…

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Neighborhoods A Look at Elizabeth, New Jersey
2005 Sep A Look at Elizabeth, New Jersey

To many, Elizabeth, New Jersey is a pleasant, quiet town of about 130,000 between the Passaic and Raritan Rivers, just across the Arthur Kill from Staten Island, home to hundreds of commuter families and the ever-popular IKEA home furnis…

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