2005 Oct
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Secrets of Successful HOA Boards
2005 Oct Secrets of Successful HOA Boards

Since the board of a building or community association is usually comprised of a collective group of unique individuals with their own perspective and opinions, no two boards are ever the same. However, there are certain overall, un…

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Board Operations Avoiding Common Board Mistakes
2005 Oct Avoiding Common Board Mistakes

Mary and Tom own a condominium in upstate New York, where they live with their three young children. The couple's otherwise idyllic suburban enclave has been shaken with recent allegations that their association's current board of directors…

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Board Operations Being an Effective Board President
2005 Oct Being an Effective Board President

Every co-op and condo association has a board— and by extension, a board president. Presidents and CEOs of major corporations are usually compensated handsomely for the time and effort they're expected to devote to their job, but a build…

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Board Operations Board Management Jurisdiction
2005 Oct Board Management Jurisdiction

For a car to run, all the parts (most of them, anyway) need to be in working order. The engine has to be well oiled, the tires must be inflated properly, and sometimes the brakes need adjusting. The major components of the machine must be f…

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Board Operations Negotiating with Vendors
2005 Oct Negotiating with Vendors

Professional service providers or contractors are vital to the day-to-day operation and maintenance of any condo or co-op community. Since it's rare for a residential community to retain an on-site staff of landscapers and unheard-of to …

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Management Wentworth Property Management
2005 Oct Wentworth Property Management

In an age when over-analysis seems to be the rule rather than the exception, The Wentworth Management Group has made it a point to keep things simple. Their goal? To do whatever it takes to keep their clients satisfied. That simple phi…

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Management A Look at IREM's Educational Programs
2005 Oct A Look at IREM's Educational Programs

Where do property managers learn their stuff? They're not born knowing how to broker peace between feuding neighbors or who to call when the storm gutters are flooded, so they must learn their trade from other experts. There are a number…

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Neighborhoods Chatham, New Jersey
2005 Oct Chatham, New Jersey

A quiet, carefully developed community nestled in north central New Jersey in eastern Morris County, Chatham boasts fine schools, parks, recreational and cultural facilities and is home to two major universities. It also boasts another t…

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Management A 13 Point Plan for Successful Transition
2005 Oct A 13 Point Plan for Successful Transition

As construction and home ownership continue to be a growth industry in New Jersey, one issue that will be faced by more and more HOA members is the transfer of power from community developers and sponsors to the new homeowners who w…

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