2005 May
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Recreation Maintaining HOA Playgrounds
2005 May Maintaining HOA Playgrounds

The sound of children playing outside is one of the many joys of the warm weather months. Playgrounds are a place where parents and guardians can relax while kids get some exercise and burn off energy before a nap. Playgrounds can also c…

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Recreation Keeping Rules Fair and Legal
2005 May Keeping Rules Fair and Legal

Consider this scenario: You just found the perfect home for your family—equipped with beautifully manicured lawns and a great community of people. Unfortunately, the association bylaws state that your children can't play hockey with thei…

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Recreation Establishing Good Community Programming
2005 May Establishing Good Community Programming

There was a time when everyone knew their neighbors and you could trust letting your kids out in the neighborhood. There was a strong sense of community, and neighbors looked out for each other. But over the past few decades, people have…

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Recreation Maintaining Paved Recreation Surfaces
2005 May Maintaining Paved Recreation Surfaces

Recreation spaces such as tennis courts or basketball courts are always a welcome addition to any community, and the community associations that already possess these amenities understand the value they represent to homeowners. Though it…

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Recreation Managing HOA Swimming Pools
2005 May Managing HOA Swimming Pools

With summer fast approaching, no other amenity in a residential community is enjoyed more than the community swimming pool. From the community's perspective, a swimming pool can add to the value of the residences and attract prospective …

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Organizations A Look Inside the ABC-NJ
2005 May A Look Inside the ABC-NJ

Construction is a massive industry in New Jersey, and the New Jersey chapter of the Associated Builders & Contractors Inc. (ABC-NJ) is an influential group with two main goals: to support building contractors throughout the state, and to…

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Neighborhoods New-and-Improved Newark
2005 May New-and-Improved Newark

For many years, Newark had it rough. Not only was the city mired in economic and social crisis, but it was the butt of late-night comedians' jokes, the red-headed stepchild of New York City, the charmless wasteland up the river. In the l…

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