2004 Nov
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance A Look at Building Anatomy
2004 Nov A Look at Building Anatomy

In many ways, the homes in a detached condo development resemble any other single-family dwellings: they have their own driveways, their own water and electric meters, distinct roofs, and heating and cooling systems. Other types of condo…

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Maintenance Considering a Utility Audit?
2004 Nov Considering a Utility Audit?

Every year, condominiums and co-ops in New Jersey pay millions of dollars in utility expenses, including electric, water/sewer, gas, and steam. Are you certain your board or homeowners association (HOA) is paying the correct amount? What…

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Maintenance Stocking Your Association's Supply Closets
2004 Nov Stocking Your Association's Supply Closets

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and while the average homeowner's association doesn't have the vast expanses of marble and carpet many high-rise condo buildings have, clean, well-maintained common spaces and neatly-kept landsc…

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Maintenance Preparing HOAs for Winter Weather
2004 Nov Preparing HOAs for Winter Weather

The thought of it sends shivers up your spine—the shrill north winds, the snow-covered roads, the traffic jams on the New Jersey Turnpike. Yes, winter is coming. And as the seasons change once again, so too do the demands on housing comm…

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Maintenance Taking Care of Fireplaces and Chimneys
2004 Nov Taking Care of Fireplaces and Chimneys

A fireplace is a wonderful amenity in a home, but before you go off and light that first log, its important for association members to remember that a chimney and fireplace require special care and attention to make sure they remain clea…

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Neighborhoods Morristown
2004 Nov Morristown

It would be difficult to find an area of New Jersey that isn't steeped in cultural history. The northeastern seaboard saw the majority of the United States' growth at our country's inception and, it's no wonder that "The Military Capital…

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Board Operations The Impact of Contractor Liability
2004 Nov The Impact of Contractor Liability

We all know that accidents happen, but in today's litigious environment, an accident or injury occurring on the grounds of your condo or townhouse community can lead to thousands of dollars in legal fees, court costs, and potential judgm…

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Organizations CAI-NJ
2004 Nov CAI-NJ

An estimated 50 million Americans live one of the 249,000 homeowners or condominium associations, cooperatives, or planned development communities spread across the United States—and some 1.25 million of those people serve on their assoc…

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