2004 Mar
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Maintenance Up on the Rooftop
2004 Mar Up on the Rooftop

Everyone needs a good roof over their head. And when you run a condo or co-op community, you're responsible for dozens or perhaps hundreds of people having one. With so many people to please and the increased complexity of roofing an ent…

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Maintenance Advice for Fencing, Decking, and Siding
2004 Mar Advice for Fencing, Decking, and Siding

Nature's elements can take a toll on almost anything man-made, particularly exterior surfaces like fences, decks, and siding materials. Given the temperamental seasons here in the tri-state area, it's important to consider not just aesth…

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Maintenance Window Repair and Replacement
2004 Mar Window Repair and Replacement

There is nothing more uncomfortable during a harsh Mid-Atlantic winter than having windows that are inoperable or that are so cracked, damaged and poorly sealed that the cold air just streams in unabated. Drafty windows mean energy …

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Maintenance Maintaining and Repairing Your Paved Surfaces
2004 Mar Maintaining and Repairing Your Paved Surfaces

Successful property owners and managing agents routinely obsess about maintenance issues—everything from minor cosmetics to major structural or mechanical improvements. You must think about the roof over your residents' heads, and carefu…

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Neighborhoods Edison
2004 Mar Edison

Home to both modern-day commuters and the namesake of one of the greatest inventors in U.S. history, Edison, New Jersey is a growing mini-city a stone's throw of both Manhattan's gilded skyscrapers and the rural areas of the Garden State…

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Finance Getting a Return on Your Investment
2004 Mar Getting a Return on Your Investment

There are as many different kinds of co-op buildings, condo associations, and HOAs as there are people who live in them. Different types of communities often have very different ways of hammering out policy and directing their own day-to…

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Board Operations HOAs Can Proudly Wave Old Glory
2004 Mar HOAs Can Proudly Wave Old Glory

It's a grand old flag again in New Jersey. Homeowner associations can no longer prohibit the flying of flags or other patriotic displays under "flag law" legislation that Gov. James E. McGreevey signed on January 8, 2004. Under the …

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