2004 Jul
Focus on... Budget & Finance

Finance Financial Planning
2004 Jul Financial Planning

In a co-op or condo community, the responsibility of the homeowners association goes beyond setting house rules. The association also has a fiduciary responsibility to collect maintenance fees from its residents, create a budget to accou…

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Finance Surviving Financial Storms
2004 Jul Surviving Financial Storms

Planning is the key to maintaining a balanced budget for co-op and condo associations. Knowing your budget, predicting expenses, even predicting the unpredictable are all vital components to having a sound bottom line and keeping your sh…

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Management The Role of Your Property Manager
2004 Jul The Role of Your Property Manager

A Budget planning is a key component of any association's operations and preparation, and usually falls on the property manager's shoulders. However, he or she does more than just what the title implies—the manager is a "jack of all trad…

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Combatting Suburban Sprawl
2004 Jul Combatting Suburban Sprawl

Mount Laurel is a populous rural community in Southern New Jersey and a township that covers approximately 22 square miles. But it is also the namesake of a series of precedent-setting legal decisions that govern how the state of New Jer…

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Finance Making Special Assessments Easier to Swallow
2004 Jul Making Special Assessments Easier to Swallow

Unexpected repairs are part of owning a home. For owners of single-family houses, the process is simple: Something needs fixing or replacing, and you call a contractor and get the work done. You may not be happy about it, but you accept …

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Finance Reverse Mortgages
2004 Jul Reverse Mortgages

Buy a motor home and travel the country. Pay for grandson Johnny's college education. Fix up that old kitchen you've been complaining about for decades. These are things you've been wanting to do for years and years, but, though you've w…

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Neighborhoods Trenton
2004 Jul Trenton

When someone mentions Trenton, most people probably just think of the city of just under half a million souls as the seat of New Jersey's state government—maybe as a former industrial hub of the Northeast, if they know their history—and …

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Organizations The New Jersey Association of Realtors
2004 Jul The New Jersey Association of Realtors

Founded in 1969 as part of the New Jersey Real Estate Board, the New Jersey Association of Realtors (NJAR) is a statewide organization dedicated to provide support, education, and advocacy for the more than 45,000 realtors and realtors' …

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Finance Large Associations Face Sales Tax Audits
2004 Jul Large Associations Face Sales Tax Audits

The New Jersey Division of Taxation is cracking down and performing more sales/use tax audits of Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRAs) of all types—co-ops, condominium associations, and apartment buildings—than ever before. There a…

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