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Security Fire Safety in Homeowner Associations
2004 Dec Fire Safety in Homeowner Associations

In January of this year, a devastating blaze ripped through an Edison apartment building in Edison leaving one woman dead, five people injured and up to 100 others homeless. In March, a space heater ignited a mattress causing a fire that gu…

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Security The Power of a Neighborhood Watch
2004 Dec The Power of a Neighborhood Watch

Neighbors helping neighbors. It's a simple adage and one that holds immeasurable power when it comes to keeping communities safe. Over the years, neighborhood watch groups have grown in number, having a positive impact on the reduction o…

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Security Suburban Security
2004 Dec Suburban Security

Whether you live in a gated or non-gated community in the New Jersey suburbs or the city, your home should be a safe-haven and sanctuary in which you can feel secure and protected from crime and other threats. So when it comes to the com…

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Security Concept of house technology system with wireless centralized control. Young woman sit on the sofa holding smartphone. Vector illustration in a flat style
Smart Tech & Privacy Protection

According to a recent poll of 1,000 consumers conducted by telecommunications company Frontier, p rivacy concerns around smart home tech devices are on the rise. Sixty percent of respondents to the poll reported being “very” or “extremel…

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