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Security Security vs. Privacy
2014 December Security vs. Privacy

From time immemorial, the home has been synonymous with warmth, comfort and, most importantly, safety. The boards and managers who oversee condominium communities are aiming to preserve this image by ensuring that safety is their top prior…

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Security Where There’s Smoke...
2014 December Where There’s Smoke...

One only needs to watch the news regularly to understand the devastation that a fire can have on a home or community whatever the time of year. A condo fire in October in Dunellen injured a firefighter and destroyed much of the complex, le…

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Security Neighborhood Watch Groups
2014 December Neighborhood Watch Groups

All homeowners worry about adequate security, but many HOAs and condo associations overspend on guards, surveillance cameras, and electronic security systems. There are low-tech, more cost-effective solutions for suburban associations, tho…

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Security Disaster Management
2014 December Disaster Management

New Jerseyans face crises that arise throughout the state every day, from fires to water main breaks to building collapses, doing so with their trademark resilience. And whereas residents have long been accustomed to lousy – aand sometimes…

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Security State of Surveillance
2013 December State of Surveillance

There are many different factors that prospective condominium owners contemplate when looking to buy a unit. Aesthetics, price, and location are important, for sure. But perhaps the most critical factors of all are the safety of the buildi…

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Security Window Safety and Repairs
2013 December Window Safety and Repairs

A lot of people don't think twice about their homes' windows—as long as you can see through them and get some air and natural light, what's left to think about? But windows are structural openings after all, and without proper installation…

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Security Hidden Dangers
2013 December Hidden Dangers

In New Jersey, buying a co-op or a condo goes something like this: Your realtor takes you to see your dream home. You put in an offer—along with a bunch of other people. After a ferocious bidding war, your offer is finally accepted. You su…

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Security Who Watches the Watchmen?
2012 December Who Watches the Watchmen?

 Back in the 1980s, McGruff the Crime Dog taught children and parents alike to “Take a bite out of crime.” The tough but affable, anthropomorphic bloodhound was created by the Ad Council  for the National Crime Prevention Council and used …

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Security A  Private Matter
2012 December A Private Matter

 The issue of intellectual property and an individual’s right to privacy has become a greater concern since more and more people  conduct their lives online—whether for banking, social media or dating. While the aforementioned generally  h…

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Security Staying Safe
2012 December Staying Safe

 For most people, nothing is more important than knowing that they and their  families are safe and secure in the place they call home. Boards, management  and security firms all must work together seamlessly and cohesively to create  that…

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