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Maintenance CAI Public Policy Report: Condo Safety
CAI Public Policy Report: Condo Safety

Following the tragic partial collapse of Champlain Tower South in Surfside, Florida in June 2021, the Community Associations Institute (CAI) convened a trio of task forces to explore laws and best practices for the community association…

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Maintenance Person Hand Wearing Gloves Spraying Detergent On Grey Carpet To Remove Stain
Carpet Cleaning

Building lobbies and hallways are high-traffic areas, prone to tracked-in dirt and street grime, scuffs from shoes, luggage, and equipment, slush and salt in the winter, and in dog-friendly buildings, the occasional indiscretion committed b…

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Maintenance Exterior Maintenance & Inspections
2021 March Exterior Maintenance & Inspections

Exterior maintenance and repair are some of the most extensive—and expensive—work that a condo, HOA, or co-op will undertake; they’re also unavoidable. So when planning such projects, two important factors should be considered: The first is…

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Exterior Adjacent Construction Risk Management
Adjacent Construction Risk Management

Cities reshape and reinvent themselves regularly and organically. Old buildings become obsolete for a variety of reasons, and new buildings replace them. Many a four- or five-story tenement has been knocked down to make way for a shiny, new…

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Exterior Managing Exterior Repairs
Managing Exterior Repairs

Leaks are a common problem in multifamily buildings, including co-ops and condominiums. It’s not unusual to see watermarks and dampness on plaster near or below interior widows, but since such infiltration usually stems from an issue on the…

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Maintenance Cleaning Through COVID
Cleaning Through COVID

Even though the world has been contending with COVID-19 and its consequences for the better part of a year (and counting), the routines and practices we’ve adopted to prevent its spread and minimize personal risk of infection are still evol…

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Maintenance Securing Air Quality in the COVID-19 Era
2020 Winter Securing Air Quality in the COVID-19 Era

COVID-19 has caused more far-ranging, persistent anxiety than any other event in recent history. It has affected our jobs, our living situations, and the way we interact with others, and it’s not done with us yet. Scientists and public heal…

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Maintenance Elevator Replacement Projects
Elevator Replacement Projects

Elevator repair and replacement projects can be extremely disruptive for everyone in your building - and can have a very real impact on some resident's ability to even enter and leave their homes. In this quick clip, elevator pros explain h…

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