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Insurance A Policy's Progress
2006 Aug A Policy's Progress

It's like setting your luggage on the conveyer at the airline check-in counter. Somehow your bags end up in your hands after the flight. It's just that we never quite know what happens in between letting our bag go and finding it again t…

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Insurance Understanding Insurance
2006 Aug Understanding Insurance

One of the most confusing aspects of owning a condo or co-op is understanding the ins-and-outs of your community's insurance coverage. The fine print of an association's insurance policy is often complicated, but for association boards, …

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Insurance An Insurance Primer
2006 Aug An Insurance Primer

It's a fact: the survival of a condo or co-op association after an accident or injury can very well depend on its insurance coverage. Failure to obtain and maintain adequate coverage can result in financial disaster if a building suffers…

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Insurance Dealing with Higher Insurance Premiums
2006 Aug Dealing with Higher Insurance Premiums

Just like your condo association or homeowner association has to pay its taxes, it also has to pay for its insurance coverage. But managing risk coverage for an entire community is a little more complicated than insuring your family car.…

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Insurance Avoiding Mold Litigation
2005 Aug Avoiding Mold Litigation

While panic and alarm are not warranted, the time is now for real estate owners, developers, lenders and borrowers to begin to pay attention to toxic mold and their potential liability for property damage or personal injury. Though the n…

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Insurance Insurance Upgrades
2005 Aug Insurance Upgrades

Life, wrote the British playwright Tom Stoppard, is a gamble at terrible odds—if it was a bet, you wouldn't take it. And thus was born the insurance business, an entire industry devoted to placing carefully calculated wagers on the …

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Insurance Protecting Your Valuable Amenities
2005 Aug Protecting Your Valuable Amenities

Most homeowners love the idea of having a swimming pool, athletic court or health club as part of their association's grounds because it adds value to their property and it gives them something fun to do throughout the year. But HOAs tha…

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Insurance Specialty Insurance
2005 Aug Specialty Insurance

A condo or co-op development is a community, but it's also a business. And like anyone else who runs a business, an association or board needs to protect itself with the right insurance. If someone slips in the community room and gets in…

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Insurance The Importance of D&O Coverage
2005 Aug The Importance of D&O Coverage

In 1997, a racially mixed couple wanted to sublet a co-op apartment at the Beekman Hill House Apartments in New York City. Nicholas A. Biondi, then-president of the Beekman Association's board of directors, refused to approve the couple'…

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Insurance Homeowners vs. Association Insurance
2005 Aug Homeowners vs. Association Insurance

Living in a co-op or condo means shedding many of the worries that come with renting or owning a single-family home. There are no worries over mowing the lawn or fixing that crack in the driveway. The doorman looks after your packages an…

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