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COVID-19 Social Programming vs. Social Distancing
Social Programming vs. Social Distancing

For many buyers, a key factor in deciding to purchase a home in a residential community rather than opt for private, single-family ownership is often the appeal of amenities that come with condo, co-op, and HOA living—pools, gyms, clubhouse…

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COVID-19 Collections in 2020
Collections in 2020

The first seven months of 2020 have been difficult and uncertain for our country. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all navigating uncharted waters and doing our best to adapt. Amid this unprecedented challenge, racial ten…

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COVID-19 Touchless Technology vs. COVID-19
Touchless Technology vs. COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many condos, co-ops and rental buildings in NYC restricted the entry of nannies, dog walkers, housekeepers, outside contractors, etc. to their properties, limiting access to residents and essential building sta…

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COVID-19 IREM Releases Updated Pandemic Guide
IREM Releases Updated Pandemic Guide

With stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders beginning to ease across the country (and everyone very eager to return to at least some semblance of normalcy), businesses aren’t the only entities navigating the path to reopening. Multifamily…

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COVID-19 Managing Deliveries
Managing Deliveries

While there are strong arguments to be made about the less-than-great impact the internet has had on our lives and the world, few would disagree that it's made a lot of things a whole lot more accessible to a lot more people -- especially a…

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COVID-19 Helping Out in the Age of Coronavirus
Helping Out in the Age of Coronavirus

Whether you’re living in a co-op apartment building in Manhattan, a condo in Hoboken, or a townhouse community or HOA in Las Vegas, Reno, or Florida, issues of legality and liability are always a concern for owners, board members, and manag…

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COVID-19 Reopening Your Community
Reopening Your Community

As states and municipalities make moves to reopen their economies after months of quarantine torpor, the boards and management of multifamily communities nationwide are contemplating what their own reopenings are going to look like. The boa…

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