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COVID-19 COVID-19 vs. Building & Unit Access
COVID-19 vs. Building & Unit Access

Q. As the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic spreads, we're trying to keep our building and residents as safe as possible as we practice social distancing and self-quarantine as necessary. To that end, can we ban all non-residents from the build…

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COVID-19 Disease & Disclosure
Disease & Disclosure

Q. If a resident in our building tests positive for COVID-19, or is self-quarantined, should we tell the other residents and staff? A. According to Peter Massa, an attorney with Manhattan-based law firm Armstrong Teasdale, "Residents shoul…

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COVID-19 COVID-19 Q&A for Condos, Co-ops, & HOAs
COVID-19 Q&A for Condos, Co-ops, & HOAs

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unique and challenging situations to each of us. Our cooperative and condominium clients, and their managing agents, have been working diligently to keep pace as this crisis unfolds. First and foremost, we …

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COVID-19 Coronavirus & COVID-19
Coronavirus & COVID-19

As you can imagine, our office has been inundated with calls and emails concerning proper protocol should a resident or a tenant in a building either contract or be exposed to someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus. This raises…

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COVID-19 Maintaining Air Quality
Maintaining Air Quality

Any time you have hundreds or even thousands of people living in close quarters – in a multifamily co-op or condo building, say – certain challenges inevitably will arise. One of the bigger ones is how to maintain the flow of fresh, hygieni…

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COVID-19 Emergency Management
Emergency Management

Planning for a rainy day is pretty easy. Have an extra umbrella handy or a waterproof coat, and you’re probably fine. Planning for the rainiest day ever, on the other hand, is significantly more daunting. Especially if during that day there…

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COVID-19 Vulnerable Residents
Vulnerable Residents

Multifamily residential buildings provide both privacy and community. Privacy, because a recluse in New York City can have almost anything delivered to his door and thus never have to leave the sanctuary of his apartment; and community, bec…

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COVID-19 Supreme Court Ends COVID Eviction Moratorium
Supreme Court Ends COVID Eviction Moratorium

Late on August 26, 2021, in a 6-3 unsigned decision, the Supreme Court ruled that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lacks the authority to impose a nationwide moratorium on evictions. While State restrictions may still app…

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