The Hot and Cold of It Utility Submetering for Savings

 Utility submetering is the implementation of a system that allows a condominium  association or other multi-tenant property to bill tenants for individual  measured utility usage by making use of individual water, gas, or electricity  meters for their relevant utilities.  

 Submetering provides an opportunity for building owners to shift their rising  electricity costs to tenants who lack ownership or control over thermal  efficiency of the structure, its insulation, windows and major energy-consuming  appliances.  

 Todd C. Quarterman, president of Rochester, N.Y.-based WaterWatch Corporation,  says that many condominium communities built or converted prior to 1980 use  master meters because they did not submeter the utilities, especially their  water.  

 “In many cases, the HOA is bundling the utility costs into the monthly  association fee so homeowners are not required to conserve their usage,” Quarterman says. “Once utilities are submetered and the homeowner is held accountable for their  usage, they will conserve. With water submetering, total consumption will  decrease around 20 to 25% once submeters are installed.”  

 Since the homeowners represent the community association, energy costs will also  decrease making it a win-win for both the homeowner and the association.  


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  • We manage condominiums in a distressed area where utility theft is unfortunately quite common. We would like to obtain the name of companies that provide submetering services for water in the Southern NJ area. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  • Here is the problem: my apartment recently started using this submetering process and if anything it has the opposite effect on me. I am being charged a 30 dollar a month "delivery" fee and using 2 dollars of water. Hey, I just started taking half hour showers and using the dishwasher non stop: I am being robbed of 360 dollars a year just to deliver 24 dollars worth of water!!!!!!!!! How may I ask does that promote conservation? And when I go on line to pay my bill Waterwatch is the ONLY company I pay online which charges another fee for me to transfer money from my bank to them. They make me PAY to give them MONEY! If this is not a scam, I am not sure what is.