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Energy Conservation Let There Be LED
Let There Be LED

LED lighting - long known for its harsh, institutional glare - has come a long way since its awkward early years. These days, LED lighting is not only still exponentially more energy-efficient and long-lasting than traditional incandescent …

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Insurance Should Your Board Carry D&O?
Should Your Board Carry D&O?

Every board understands that having adequate umbrella liability insurance for their building or HOA is mandatory - that's a given. But many boards don't carry Directors & Officers policies, or 'D&O,' which protects the board as a body and b…

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Maintenance Elevator Replacement Projects
Elevator Replacement Projects

Elevator repair and replacement projects can be extremely disruptive for everyone in your building - and can have a very real impact on some resident's ability to even enter and leave their homes. In this quick clip, elevator pros explain h…

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Seminars Going Solar - Myths, Facts, and Costs
Going Solar - Myths, Facts, and Costs

Solar power has come a long way since the days of huge, unsightly rooftop arrays - find out how going solar can save your buildings energy and money, and learn how your properties can take advantage of new solar technologies, as well as inc…

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Seminars Sharing Staff - More for Your Money?
Sharing Staff - More for Your Money?

For properties working with tighter budgets, it may make sense to 'share' staff members with neighboring buildings or associations in order to trim overhead and administrative costs. Come find out how you can join forces with other landlord…

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