2018 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations Your Board’s Legal Obligations
2018 October Your Board’s Legal Obligations

The board of a condominium, cooperative or homeowners’ association has a fiduciary duty to make decisions in the best interest of the community as a whole. But individual board members may have different ideas as to what those decisions mig…

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Board Operations Participation by Proxy
2018 October Participation by Proxy

If you live in a condominium, cooperative or HOA, you’re effectively acting as part of a participatory democracy run by an elected group of volunteers. And as with any democracy, those affected by the board’s decisions are encouraged to get…

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Board Operations Working With Your Support Professionals
2018 October Working With Your Support Professionals

Attorneys and community association managers can be a godsend for the board of a co-op, condominium or HOA. Most boards consist of volunteers who usually have quite busy external lives themselves, so having an experienced professional on th…

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Board Operations Board Culture
2018 October Board Culture

A condominium, cooperative or homeowners’ association is only as efficient as the elected board that oversees its day-to-day operations. Considering how difficult it can be to find time for family, leisure, and sleep amid work and assorted …

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Management Boards Battle Burnout
2018 October Boards Battle Burnout

While a productive building or association manager who ably navigates the day-to-day operations of one or more client communities may not have millions in the bank, it’s hard to argue that he or she is not ‘successful’ in practical terms. B…

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Q&A Q&A: Use of the Crawl Space
2018 October Q&A: Use of the Crawl Space

Q. Our condominium building has many basements that are labeled in the plans as "crawlspaces.” They have small access doors to get into them and there are pipes near the floor that need to be walked over, as well as pipes hanging down low…

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Q&A Q&A: Withholding My Assessment
2018 October Q&A: Withholding My Assessment

Q. My HOA has threatened to confiscate my unit. I withheld/escrowed my June assessment soon after I learned they refused to communicate or cooperate with my insurance company who was to cover other losses. This isn't in the bylaws. They'v…

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