2018 August
Focus on... Insurance/Board Training

Insurance The Risks of Being Un(or Under)insured
2018 August The Risks of Being Un(or Under)insured

Insurance can seem like a mundane administrative afterthought — right up to the moment you need coverage. In a community association, just because a responsible board handles the lion’s share of maintaining the policy covering common areas …

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Insurance Responsibility for Repairs
2018 August Responsibility for Repairs

There’s an old adage that ‘insurance is for pessimists’ — but that’s very much not the case. In the world of home ownership, and especially in shared communities, proper insurance is a critical factor in protecting not only your most import…

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Insurance The Upsides of Board Service
2018 August The Upsides of Board Service

One of the unique things that sets co-op, condo and HOA living apart from living in a single-family home, or even a rental, is the buyer’s choice to live in a community-within-a-community. By purchasing a unit in a particular building or de…

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Insurance The Chain of  Communication
2018 August The Chain of Communication

The board of a condominium, cooperative, or homeowners’ association literally exists to serve, and to represent residents’ best interests in the day-to-day business of the association. The relationship between the owner/shareholder and the …

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Q&A Q&A: Can a Vendor Be a Board Member?
2018 August Q&A: Can a Vendor Be a Board Member?

Q.  A person plans to run for the board of our HOA. He owns a landscape business and does work for residents and the board in our community. If elected, can he continue working here, or would there now be a conflict?  —Worried About Ethic…

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