2017 May
Focus on... Recreational Amenities & Programs

HOA Living Playground Innovations
2017 May Playground Innovations

Most kids these days have never had more options when it comes to fun: video games and electronic entertainment of every kind are ubiquitous, and all sorts of mobile toys, too. But amid a national childhood obesity epidemic, the need for ch…

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HOA Living Prepping Your Property for Warmer Weather
2017 May Prepping Your Property for Warmer Weather

With the end of winter comes relief. No more snow or sleet or slush or sludge; it’s sunshine and windbreaker season, baby! But the board of a condo, cooperative or homeowners’ association cannot be content with simply waiting for April show…

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HOA Living Revoking Access to Enforce Rules
2017 May Revoking Access to Enforce Rules

Oftentimes co-op, condo and HOA boards are faced with difficult choices when it comes to enforcing their community’s rules and regulations. Board service isn’t an easy thing, and while board members want to be understanding of their fellow …

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Real Estate Trends Rooftop Social Spaces
2017 May Rooftop Social Spaces

Jack and his wife Rachel live in Jersey City, happy in a two-bedroom, two-bath condo with a parking spot. Assessments are criminally low, the building is dog friendly and it is literally a half block from a PATH train stop. While they have …

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Maintenance Façade Cleaning
2017 May Façade Cleaning

Like people, buildings age. Even under the best of atmospheric conditions, dust, dirt and grime accumulate, changing a building’s appearance over time. Often it’s not until a building’s façade is cleaned that one notices how it was dirty to…

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Q&A Q&A: Can a Board Remove a Children's Playground?
2017 May Q&A: Can a Board Remove a Children's Playground?

Q. I purchased my condo unit in 2005 with amenities, including 24-hour security, two pools, a parking lot, and a children's playground.  This past summer, our board destroyed the children's playground and turned it into additional parking…

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Q&A Q&A: Breaking the Rules Over Pets
2017 May Q&A: Breaking the Rules Over Pets

Q. Our rules state that owners may not have more than two pets, one of which may be a dog. However, one unit owner—who also happens to be a board member— keeps four dogs in her unit as pets. Because she is a board member, the board will n…

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