2013 October
Focus on... Board Operations

Board Operations High & Mighty
2013 October High & Mighty

There’s nothing worse than being a unit owner in a building and seeing someone disregard a rule and seemingly getting away with it—particularly if that person is a member of your homeowners association board. Sadly, this scenario isn't w…

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Board Operations Just One Big, Happy Family...?
2013 October Just One Big, Happy Family...?

Finding the right balance of involvement between HOAs and condo boards and residents can be like maintaining a healthy relationship with a significant other—you want to be compassionate, responsive and attentive, but not too needy, nosy or…

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Board Operations Meeting Minders
2013 October Meeting Minders

You may love your building. You may even love your neighbors and the members of your board. But there are few people who can say that they love their monthly board meetings or annual owner or shareholder meetings. That’s because these meet…

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Board Operations Dealing With the Disruptive
2013 October Dealing With the Disruptive

The vast majority of condo and HOA residents are regular folks who wouldn't dream of disrupting life in their community by harassing their neighbors, bombarding their board and manager with endless complaints and threats, or filing lawsuit…

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Board Operations The Business Next Door
2013 October The Business Next Door

Many aspects of the American work landscape have changed radically in the last two decades. As the service and information economies have overtaken manufacturing and other more traditional forms of labor, the old 9-to-5, office-bound workd…

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Real Estate Trends Not the Norm
2013 October Not the Norm

Time was, a nice spacious condo unit with a good location, a decent view and several basic amenities like a laundry room, a doorman and a gym or pool were what Garden State buyers wanted when they went home-shopping. However, as more build…

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Neighborhoods Basking Ridge, New Jersey
2013 October Basking Ridge, New Jersey

Settled during colonial times, Basking Ridge is home to several major corporate entities and some very large condo communities. It is an unincorporated community located within Bernards Township in the Somerset Hills region of Somerset Cou…

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Q&A:Taking the Fifth
2013 October Q&A:Taking the Fifth

Taking the Fifth Q My association's documents say that the board must consist of five total members. This past election, only four people ran and got elected. Does the new board then have to appoint another member? If they choose not to…

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Q&A: A Rental Cap?
2013 October Q&A: A Rental Cap?

I live in a condo, and the board is trying to establish a rental cap in the building's rules and regulations, instead of making the change in the condo's bylaws. Does the board have the power to do this, or does such a change have to be ma…

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