2012 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Covering Your Bases
2012 November Covering Your Bases

Warranties for products are simple to understand, most people might think. You go to the store, buy a computer or a DVD player or a TV, or even a larger appliance like a refrigerator, and you get a piece of paper describing a one-year …

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Maintenance On the Bricks
2012 November On the Bricks

Brickwork is everywhere across the Garden State. Around since the early 1600s, the popular building material is commonly used not only because of its aesthetic appeal but also because of its practicality. “Brick is the most be…

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Maintenance Smart Buildings, Smart Boards
2012 November Smart Buildings, Smart Boards

 If phones can be “smart,” why not buildings? With the ever-expanding array of consumer technology  available today, it should come as no surprise that residential buildings are  able to incorporate more and more cutting-edge technology in…

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Management That's Capital!
2012 November That's Capital!

 Sooner or later, every resident living in a condo, HOA or co-op community will  have to deal with the inconvenience of living through a major capital  improvement project—a roof replacement, an elevator rehab, serious exterior work, or so…

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Maintenance Breathe In, Breathe Out:
2012 November Breathe In, Breathe Out:

 Few things are as important to our health and well-being as the air we breathe,  especially inside our own homes. That is why it is so important for individual  homeowners as well as management to stay up-to-date on issues of indoor air  …

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Maintenance The Ice Squad
2012 November The Ice Squad

 It's a fact of nature in this part of the country: with winter comes snow and  ice. And more often than not, wintry weather makes for slippery, treacherous  conditions on sidewalks and other paved surfaces. Obviously, a co-op or condo  bo…

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Management The Tipping Point
2012 November The Tipping Point

 According to some sources, the word “tips” is actually an acronym—it's short for “To Insure Prompt Service,” and the list of people who are commonly tipped—at least in the United States—includes everyone from hair and nail salon workers t…

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Maintenance The Water Way
2012 November The Water Way

 As we go about our busy lives, we often forget about everyday physical facts—like the unceasing tension gravity places on the materials we assemble into  buildings and other structures, for example. Whether or not we are paying  attention…

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Q&A Q&A: Rudderless in Rumson
2012 November Q&A: Rudderless in Rumson

Q Our association has difficulty attracting people to run for the board, as I'm sure is a common problem. Would we be able to amend our bylaws to require unit owners to serve at least one term on the board? How can we go about doing tha…

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