2012 April
Focus on... Landscaping & Lawn Care

A Learning Experience
2012 April A Learning Experience

 Whether you're a board member, a manager, or a unit owner, you know how crucial  good information and clear communication is to the operation of a successful  condo or homeowners association—especially these days, when the economy is taki…

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Landscaping Eco-Friendly Landscaping
2012 April Eco-Friendly Landscaping

In the face of rising water costs, maintenance costs, and a continued depressed housing market, many community associations are finding long-term savings through new landscape strategies that also help our environment. Eco-friendly land…

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Landscaping Chemical Concerns
2012 April Chemical Concerns

Since the 1950s, American lawns have been “hooked” on petroleum-based and synthetic chemicals. A plethora of post-war pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers were eagerly embraced by both homeowners and landscape professional…

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Landscaping Treating Trees
2012 April Treating Trees

The months have gone by, but it’s not easy to forget the damage that 2011's brutal weather brought to trees in New Jersey. Tropical Storm Irene swept through the area in late August with 120-mph winds and heavy flooding that snapped lim…

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Landscaping Flowerful
2012 April Flowerful

Spring is here, which means the sky is blue, the grass is green, and the flowers will be blooming—that is, if you plant them. From knowing which plants do best in which location to keeping up with everyday care and maintenance, keeping …

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Maintenance The Big 10
2012 April The Big 10

 Part of the job of a condo board is to keep your association’s grounds or lawn looking healthy and attractive. After all, curb appeal can do  wonders when it comes to appraisals and even the morale of your community  members. But most con…

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Real Estate Trends Catering to Man's Best Friend
2012 April Catering to Man's Best Friend

 It’s no secret that New Jerseyans love their dogs. Colin Campbell, New Jersey’s deputy state public health veterinarian estimates that there are 500,000 dogs  in the Garden State, so it’s no wonder businesses and city dwellings are jumpin…

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Real Estate Trends Green Day
2012 April Green Day

 When someone says 'landscaping,' the first thought that comes to mind probably  isn't the front entrance of a Newark co-op or the curb of a Jersey City condo  building, but greenery and other design elements definitely add to a building's…

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Finance Spending Green, Staying Green
2012 April Spending Green, Staying Green

 These days, everybody is looking to save money—or dealing with the repercussions of not having saved enough in the past. And  while lawns and shrubbery might seem like luxury items to some condo and co-op  residents, aesthetics and curb a…

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Law & Legislation Equal Access Under the Law
2012 April Equal Access Under the Law

 For some New Jerseyans, planning their daily errands and activities can be as  logistically difficult as mountain climbing. These residents are, of course,  those with disabilities, the elderly or anyone whose mobility has been  compromis…

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Q&A Q&A: Suspending Privileges?
2012 April Q&A: Suspending Privileges?

Q I live in a 51-unit condo complex in Essex County. The association is attempting to get a loan for needed repairs of at least $200,000, however, three attempts were denied due to the delinquency in condo dues totaling $35,000. There a…

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