2011 October
Focus on... Association Operations

Board Operations Evaluating Management Performance
2011 October Evaluating Management Performance

The relationship between boards and management is by its nature complex. The two sides rely upon one another to ensure the smooth oversight of their co-op and condo communities. Both are dedicated to doing everything possible to create …

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Board Operations NJ Confidential
2011 October NJ Confidential

This in an anxious time in which to sit on the board of directors. With defaults and foreclosures accounting for some 20 percent or more of the units at some condominiums, frustration among board and association members is off the char…

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Board Operations Vendor Negotiations 101
2011 October Vendor Negotiations 101

You can’t operate a condominium or co-op without a myriad of services, which is why a well-run home association or building requires that it has strong vendor relationships. That means getting supplies and services smoothly and at the …

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Board Operations Annual Meetings Can Build Community
2011 October Annual Meetings Can Build Community

A co-op or condo community’s annual meeting is just business, though these gatherings can sometimes be the site of personal acrimony, or feuding between residents. But annual meetings needn’t be a source of friction, and can serve as a …

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Management Snowbirds in Flight
2011 October Snowbirds in Flight

 Birds in flight may be beautiful, but their departure sometimes leaves the nest  unprotected. And when that nest is in a condominium community, property  managers and boards must do their best to compensate.    This region is full …

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Finance Creative Financing for Your Co-op or Condo
2011 October Creative Financing for Your Co-op or Condo

The main source of any condo or co-op’s revenue comes from monthly maintenance fees. That seems self-evident. But sometimes a building or development may suddenly need to undergo emergency repairs or fund large capital improvem…

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Management Childproofing Your Home
2011 October Childproofing Your Home

 When you’re decorating your home, there are two things you want to bear in mind if you  have children. You want to keep the design functional, but safe. After all,  anyone who’s ever had, or just looked after, a baby or toddler, can tell …

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Neighborhoods Rumson, New Jersey
2011 October Rumson, New Jersey

 The Borough of Rumson is an upscale and historic community that caught the eyes  of English settlers as far back as 1663. During the Victorian Age, it was the  summer playground of New York's elite due to its proximity to New York City.  …

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Q&A Q&A: Who's to Blame For Water Leak?
2011 October Q&A: Who's to Blame For Water Leak?

Q Who is responsible for a faulty faucet spindle inside the wall which caused a water leak inside the wall and which was unbeknownst to the shareholder but damaged the apartment below? My superintendent had to chip into the wall to rem…

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