2011 December
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security True Crime
2011 December True Crime

 While the vast majority of cities across the country report declining crime  statistics, the fact remains that crime still does happen sometimes—even in the quietest, most affluent communities. Prevention is the best form of  crime reduct…

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Security Staying Secure
2011 December Staying Secure

Recent crime statistics in the Garden State shows a slight decrease in criminal offenses and lower property loss than what was reported in 2009, according to the latest statistics in the New Jersey State Police 2009 Uniform Crime report…

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Security Information is Everything
2011 December Information is Everything

Your co-op or condo unit houses more than your material possessions. The management office also typically contains detailed information about you—including your social security number, credit card number, emergency information, phone nu…

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Security Conducting Employee Background Checks
2011 December Conducting Employee Background Checks

Typically the sources of terror in horror movies come from ghouls and zombies. Victims in these films find themselves trapped in an abandoned warehouse or haunted mansion with no chance of escape or survival. Moviegoers feel appropriat…

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Real Estate Trends Wiring Your Co-op or Condo
2011 December Wiring Your Co-op or Condo

It’s been a long time since cable modems were the gold standard in Internet connectivity—or at least it seems like it’s been a long time. Telecommunications as a field has been developing at a dizzying pace, and multifamily buildings—bo…

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Real Estate Trends The Forecast for 2012
2011 December The Forecast for 2012

While economy continues its slow recession rebound, unemployment rates remain steady at more than nine percent. Across the nation, various real estate markets have taken it on the chin, with some markets such as Detroit and Las Vegas k…

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Finance Year End Housekeeping
2011 December Year End Housekeeping

 Organizing and keeping a co-op or condo’s books and other records is, on the surface, not that different than keeping a  budget for one’s home.    But there are many important differences—filing deadlines, tax requirements, reports…

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Maintenance Safety First
2011 December Safety First

Safety. Security. These two little words can have a lot of different connotations for those living within, or providing management and other professional services to, a community association. From an engineer’s perspective, thoughts rel…

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Q&A Q&A: In Arrears
2011 December Q&A: In Arrears

Q The board of our condo issued a ruling that any unit owner who is behind in payment of common charges cannot vote at the annual meeting. Our bylaws only say that each owner is entitled to one vote. No mention is made about denying th…

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