2009 Dec
Focus on... Safety & Security

Security Exhibitors Learn What Attendees Want
2009 Dec Exhibitors Learn What Attendees Want

Exhibitors for The New Jersey Cooperator's Annual Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo recently gathered for Exhibitor University, a day-long workshop to teach the benefits of exhibiting in trade shows and making their appearances a success. …

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Security Location, Expectations Determine Strategy
2009 Dec Location, Expectations Determine Strategy

In today’s high-tech world, security can look a lot like a sci-fi movie. Golf clubs' carts can be equipped with laser scanners that can check license plates against an online database of the approved member's vehicles. Elevators will st…

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Security Watching Out for One Another
2009 Dec Watching Out for One Another

For New Jersey residents—as with residents anywhere—every neighborhood and town has its own personality, its own perks and its own downside. When it comes to the question of security, it’s no different. The urbanite living in the 20-stor…

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Security High-Tech Security Hits a Plateau
2009 Dec High-Tech Security Hits a Plateau

Americans have always loved high-tech gadgets. Whether it’s an elaborate crime being solved on CSI or James Bond using a laser-guided device to defeat the bad guys, razor's-edge technology is endlessly entertaining. But when i…

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Security Everyday Ways to Keep You Safe
2009 Dec Everyday Ways to Keep You Safe

When it comes to our homes, nothing is more important than feeling safe. We want to know that our kids can ride their bikes, we can walk the dog at night, or go on vacation without wondering what will happen while we’re gone. …

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Security Industry Professionals Assess a Volatile Year
2009 Dec Industry Professionals Assess a Volatile Year

The weather is cool and crisp, the leaves are falling off the trees and it’s now that time of year when everyone starts reflecting back as to what resolutions they want to make next year. This year has most definitely been a ro…

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Security Securing Home and Castle
2009 Dec Securing Home and Castle

Security and safety are necessary considerations for every townhome and condominium dweller. When it comes to security, high-rise buildings and townhome communities are just as vulnerable as other residential homes. Fire safety and life…

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Security Q&A: Non-Payment for Amenities
2009 Dec Q&A: Non-Payment for Amenities

Non-Payment for Amenities Q “We have an owner in our condominium association who is several months behind in his fees. He currently has a tenant in his unit. The association pays the bill for his water, sewage, pool and other am…

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