2009 August
Focus on... Insurance & Board Training

Insurance Examining the Effects, Planning Ahead
2009 August Examining the Effects, Planning Ahead

The economic crisis has affected many individuals, businesses and markets—the real estate and job markets, to name just two particularly nasty examples. Until now, one of the few industries that didn’t seem as deeply impacted was the ins…

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Insurance Covering the Gaps
2009 August Covering the Gaps

Unlike individual apartment owners’ insurance coverage, most co-ops, condos, and HOAs’ insurance policies are pretty standard—they include homeowners’ insurance, liability, and umbrella coverage. Usually, a building’s common areas—such as…

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Insurance Understanding Roles & Responsibilities
2009 August Understanding Roles & Responsibilities

Most condo and HOA residents understand that there is a board protecting the interests of their community and individual owners—they’ve probably taken part in numerous board elections, served on committees or volunteered on behalf of th…

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Insurance Helping the New Kids on the Block
2009 August Helping the New Kids on the Block

Though often responsible for millions of dollars in property and charged with the oversight of complex building functions, few co-op/condo board members are real estate professionals. Board members are resident volunteers who come from …

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Insurance Leading by Example
2009 August Leading by Example

No matter what the profession or position, it’s difficult to work where you live. For condo and HOA board members, that can certainly be the case. These volunteers must make decisions that impact not only the bottom line, but their frie…

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Insurance Collegiate, Charming and Progressive
2009 August Collegiate, Charming and Progressive

 When one thinks of Princeton, New Jersey, the first thing that comes to mind is  the Ivy League university that put the town on the map—and with good reason. Perennially ranked in the top handful of colleges in the  country and with an en…

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Q&A Q&A: Management Company Claims No Quorum
2009 August Q&A: Management Company Claims No Quorum

Q “Our tenants’ association recently held its annual shareholder’s meeting. The objective for the new board was to dismiss the current management company. Many proxies had been collected by our door-to-door campaign, and there was al…

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