2007 June
Focus on... Law & Legislation

Law & Legislation Legal Nightmares
2007 June Legal Nightmares

We've all heard stories—harrowing tales of crazy lawsuits, mishandled misunderstandings, shady dealings, outright fraud. From loony shareholders or unit owners, corrupt staffers or belligerent neighbors, the legal imbroglios residential …

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Law & Legislation Legislative Update in Trenton
2007 June Legislative Update in Trenton

Most people wouldn't know where to begin if they had to fight to keep the government from taking their home for redevelopment by a private developer. In one of many housing-related bills before the state Assembly, legislators are now con…

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Law & Legislation Tax Reform Efforts in New Jersey
2007 June Tax Reform Efforts in New Jersey

Few subjects get people as riled up as taxes. Whether it's sales tax, income tax, estate tax or property tax, the thought of the taxation can infuriate and perplex. If not for taxes, after all, we would likely be speaking with British ac…

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Board Operations Alternative Legal Resources
2007 June Alternative Legal Resources

These days, suing someone is often the knee-jerk reaction to resolve a problem. But before you call your attorney, focus on determining exactly what you're using your legal professionals to do. For example, do you really need to go to co…

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Organizations The New Jersey State Bar Association
2007 June The New Jersey State Bar Association

The New Jersey State Bar Association (NJSBA) has been the central organization for the law profession in New Jersey since 1899. Continuing a tradition of self-regulation, continuing education and community services, the NJSBA is instrume…

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Board Operations So, You've Been Sued...
2007 June So, You've Been Sued...

Lawsuits are an unfortunate, expensive fact of life these days—chances are if you live long enough, you'll be involved in one to at least some degree. In the context of an HOA, a legal issue can arise between a resident and the board, be…

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Q&A Q&A: Parking Complexity
2007 June Q&A: Parking Complexity

Q I live in a condo with indoor parking facilities. The board recently sent a notice informing residents with current parking that the identity of each vehicle would be kept in order to ensure that owners do not allow unauthorized use …

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Q&A Q&A: Courtyard Rules
2007 June Q&A: Courtyard Rules

Q Our new condominium association contains, as part of its common elements, an atrium and courtyard. What do I need to know about instituting rules and regulations for these common areas in light of the fact that the board would like t…

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