2005 Nov
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Care & Maintenance of Roof Systems
2005 Nov Care & Maintenance of Roof Systems

You would think that something as important as the roof over one's head would be one of the top priorities for condo owners and association members, but for some reason, roofs are often one of the most overlooked aspects of a building or…

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Maintenance Basic Answers to Maintenance Questions
2005 Nov Basic Answers to Maintenance Questions

For the average condo owner juggling work, kids and family and taking care of one's home can seem daunting. Just remembering to take out the trash and wash the windows once a year can require elaborate checklists and days of planning. No…

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Maintenance Resident vs. HOA Responsibility
2005 Nov Resident vs. HOA Responsibility

Like snowflakes, no two homeowner associations are exactly alike. New Jersey's laws governing HOAs allow for a good deal of leeway in how a condo, co-op or town home community decides to run things. One of these areas is in the care and …

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Maintenance The Seasonal Maintenance Checklist
2005 Nov The Seasonal Maintenance Checklist

While the work of an association manager or superintendent is never truly done, there are certain times of the year that require specific attention to various details—and that often means more work. Winterizing a building and its surroundin…

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Law & Legislation Pet Rules and Restrictions
2005 Nov Pet Rules and Restrictions

It's a familiar covenant in most New Jersey leases. The rules and regulations allowing pets may differ from association to association but the gist is the same. If you live in a multi-unit building or community and you want to keep pets,…

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Neighborhoods The City of Passaic, New Jersey
2005 Nov The City of Passaic, New Jersey

Once a key stop on the fur-trading trail two centuries ago, Passaic, New Jersey is now a 3.2-square-mile city consisting of mixed industrial, commercial, and residential land uses and a little over 68,000 people. Located in the southeastern…

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