2005 Jun
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Law & Legislation Using Mediation Before Litigation
2005 Jun Using Mediation Before Litigation

When you're a homeowner living in an association environment, it's a good bet that at some point during your residence you are going to take issue with something that a neighbor is doing—or vice versa. Whether it be something small like …

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Law & Legislation Playing By the House Rules
2005 Jun Playing By the House Rules

If laws weren't made to be broken, they at least need to be amended once in a while. As a community's residents change—and the world in general changes around the community—yesterday's rules and bylaws can become outdated or no longer su…

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Board Operations How to Run a Successful Board Meeting
2005 Jun How to Run a Successful Board Meeting

There are many ways to lose talented, knowledgeable and caring volunteer officers from the board of community associations: Don't protect them from personal liability for the decisions they make by foregoing directors and officers l…

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Organizations New Jersey's DCA
2005 Jun New Jersey's DCA

One of the largest and most well connected branches of New Jersey's state government is also perhaps one of the least recognized. Based in Trenton, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA), is made up of a host of individual …

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Board Operations Getting on Your Co-op or Condo Board
2005 Jun Getting on Your Co-op or Condo Board

Getting on a condo or co-op board requires a significant investment—both in time and sweat equity. As president of my co-op board, I can attest firsthand to the labors involved. Rarely does a day pass that I don't receive a call from a s…

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