2004 May
Focus on... Landscaping

Landscaping Greening Your Lawn
2004 May Greening Your Lawn

Grass grows, yes. But lush and healthy grass doesn't just grow on its own. Whether you live in a townhome community or a high-rise condominium complex, your lawns and grassy common spaces act as a welcome mat to all who arrive at your pr…

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Landscaping Get Ready For the Good Weather
2004 May Get Ready For the Good Weather

The tri-state area was hit with another tough winter this year with heavy rain, snow and bitter temperatures. But now that the gloomy days have passed and the sun is shining again, it's time for condos and co-ops to get their recreational a…

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Landscaping The Basics of Swimming Pool Maintenance
2004 May The Basics of Swimming Pool Maintenance

Summer is coming, and with it the scorching hot weather our tri-state area is notorious for. Many buildings and homeowners associations, however, have swimming pools on-site that help take some of the bite out of the hotter months. Swimming…

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Landscaping Does Your Uneven Sidewalk Need Mudjacking?
2004 May Does Your Uneven Sidewalk Need Mudjacking?

Years ago, the only remedy for uneven sidewalks or foundations was what pros in the business call "rip-and-repour," which means tearing out the old pavement slab and pouring a new one—and spending a lot of time and money doing it. B…

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Law & Legislation Satellite Dish Antennas
2004 May Satellite Dish Antennas

If you live in, manage, otherwise work for, or even regularly drive by a residential cooperative or condominium building, chances are you're familiar with Section 207 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Section 207 is the law tha…

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Neighborhoods A Look at Fort Lee
2004 May A Look at Fort Lee

Though it's famously said that all roads lead to Rome, the members of the Fort Lee, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce beg to differ. According to them, "There is an undisputed fact known throughout New Jersey: All roads lead to Fort Lee—The…

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