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Board Operations New Jersey Admissions Policies
2006 Oct New Jersey Admissions Policies

Three years ago, a member of the New York Giants football team was looking to move into Manhattan and applied to buy a co-op at one of the more luxurious buildings in town. Although the player made millions each year, he was denied entra…

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Board Operations Fuel Billing Options for HOAs
2006 Sep Fuel Billing Options for HOAs

When it comes to buying your community association's fuel and heating oil, if your goal is to pay rock-bottom prices well below what everyone else is shelling out, forget it. Everyone knows today's prices are high—and while we can all ho…

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Law & Legislation Liability in Co-ops vs. Condos
2006 Aug Liability in Co-ops vs. Condos

While there are many similarities between co-ops and condos, are the two very different when it comes to things like insurance and liability? The answer is both yes and no. There are similarities, but some significant differences as…

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Board Operations Owners' Rights/Financial Disclosure
2006 Jul Owners' Rights/Financial Disclosure

When a new unit owner moves into a condo development, he or she usually receives a welcome packet that contains all the governing documents, such as the declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions, the bylaws and the house rule…

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Law & Legislation Common Lawsuits in HOAs
2006 Jun Common Lawsuits in HOAs

Homeowners associations are governed by a private board, generally comprised of residents of the condominium. Just because board members are unpaid volunteers, however, does not exempt them from exposure to lawsuits. Indeed, HOA board me…

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Law & Legislation UCIOA, Micheve & Twin Rivers
2006 Jun UCIOA, Micheve & Twin Rivers

In most cases, New Jersey's community and homeowner associations largely govern themselves, with little oversight from the state and no standardized procedures or best practices. But recently there has been some movement from the powers …

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Law & Legislation Breach of Fiduciary Duty
2006 Jun Breach of Fiduciary Duty

While a condominium owner owns his unit, and a shareholder in a cooperative owns shares of a corporation, there are a lot of aspects of their living situations that they can't control. If the elevator doesn't work, or the grass isn't bei…

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Law & Legislation Budgeting for Legal Costs
2006 Jun Budgeting for Legal Costs

For most people, the thought of legal fees and litigation costs are enough to cause heightened anxiety and maybe a heart palpitation or two. Consider that same scenario when it comes to board members in charge of the well-being of an ent…

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Law & Legislation New Political Leadership in Trenton
2006 Jun New Political Leadership in Trenton

There are new faces, a new two-year session, a new governor and a new General Assembly speaker in Trenton, and these changes may have repercussions for homeowner reforms, housing legislation and other quality-of-life issues. From CE…

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