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Management Service-Based Amenities
2017 January Service-Based Amenities

In major US cities these days, the decision to live in one co-op or condo building versus another often hinges upon the style of living afforded in a particular property. Whether it is defined partly by a full-scale gym and spa, a children’…

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Management Outsourcing Services
2017 January Outsourcing Services

In the perennial struggle to control costs while still adequately maintaining a building or HOA’s physical plant, grounds, and other day-to-day business, some boards and managers are opting to hire superintendents, custodians, and other sta…

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Management Professional Enrichment for Managers
2017 January Professional Enrichment for Managers

Whether dealing with technology, administration or communication, on any given day property managers and managing agents are required to be jacks of all trades. And while some managers might actually have a practical background in plumbing …

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Management A Look at Election Fraud
2016 October A Look at Election Fraud

Every co-op, condo, and HOA must elect a board of directors to oversee the community’s finances, physical maintenance, and other day-to-day operations. While board elections don’t rise quite to the level of a state or even local election in…

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Management When Residents Are Disruptive
2016 October When Residents Are Disruptive

Despite living in association, sometimes disputes erupt. Some residents just can’t be reasoned with. They’ll bother the board or other residents in various ways: noise at all hours, smells, maybe even just being a pest. No matter what it is…

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Management The Property Manager At Work
2016 August The Property Manager At Work

No matter what the size of their portfolio, a property manager must wear a great many professional hats: human resources pro, administrator, mediator, organizer, social director, project manager, sounding board—sometimes even therapist.  I…

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Management Traits of Effective Property Managers
2016 August Traits of Effective Property Managers

A cooperative, condominium or homeowner's association is more likely than not governed by a ragtag band of brave volunteers. Oftentimes, these folks have outside jobs that have little to do with maintaining a residential real estate propert…

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Management Proper Record-Keeping
2016 May Proper Record-Keeping

Like any company, a multifamily residential community generates a lot of paperwork in the course of doing business, from employment records to tenant records and more. It can be an enormous amount of stuff to manage, and knowing what to kee…

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Management Preparing for the Summertime Exodus
2016 April Preparing for the Summertime Exodus

If it's like a ghost town in your building and summer hasn’t hit yet—where is everybody?  Maybe they’re on a winter hiatus and are inhabiting their second home in Florida—and that possibly means a season-long absence from their co-op or co…

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Management Maintaining Balconies and Terraces
2016 March Maintaining Balconies and Terraces

Before embarking on a real estate hunt, most prospective buyers craft lists. The “must have” list (square footage, operational plumbing, windows), the “would love list” (lots of natural light, Jacuzzi bathtub, doorman) and then the “probabl…

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